The fall of the Berlin wall was a successful resulting movement of the Cold War through art, what it symbolized and its future results.Art is a form of expression that is used for religious, political, moral, and other purposes. The thing about art is that it is all about perspective, there is no one meaning to an art piece.

It can be used to trigger people’s emotion, feelings and thoughts towards an situation and/or topic. Firstly, it is thought of  that the Berlin wall was one of the largest canvas in the world, people whom were on the west side of the wall had the freedom to express their feelings of the war and climate that it created on the wall itself. One very popular paintings on the was of Leonid Brezhnev the leader of the Soviet Union and Erich Honecker the leader of East Germany.

“The caption underneath reads “God! Help me stay alive” in Russian. Russian artist Dmitri Vrubel is responsible for this image. He calls it “Der Bruderküss” or “The Brothers’ Kiss,” indicating his disgust for the Soviet manipulation of the East German state.” This painting can be interpreted in many different ways, one could be that he is disgusted by homosexuality and this is a way of say what they are doing to their countries is just as disgusting as homosexuality. Another way to look at it could be the fact that East Germany is being seduced by the Soviet leader and through that being controlled and manipulated into follow their every order. Secondly, all art has a story behind it whether the story has a big significance or small to the piece, is up to the person who is viewing the art. “On Monday 3 November 1986, a group of five masked men drew a white line on the Berlin wall.

The line started at Mariannenplatz. After around 5km, just south of the Brandenburg Gate, the line suddenly stopped. At 11:30 on Tuesday morning, border guards from the eastern side of the wall had ambushed the line-painters and put an end to their project


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