The system that is being created is designed to be used as the main method in which any member of staff will be able to manage the booking and sales of tickets for all plays and shows that the theatre is hosting. On top this the system must be able to allow for the creation, editing and deletion of plays from the system but that should only be allowed by specific members of staff with the required clearance. This means that the system should be suitable for a wide range of staff at the theatre but there should be enforced restrictions in place within the system that ensure that only the permitted members can manage the details of the plays that the theatre runs. The software should also be able to handle the theatre’s gold club memberships. This club consists of theatregoers that pay an annual fee of ten pounds and by doing so they receive a ten percent price reduction on the prices of any bookings that they make. This means that the software should include a feature where the user of the software can specify that a gold club member is booking which in turn should mean that will receive an automatic ten percent price reduction on the booking. The software should notify the current user that they are dealing with a gold member’s booking and at the end when prices are displayed it should also include a part that shows the ten percent price reduction and this should be removed from the final total that the customer will need to pay. The system will need to be able to display a list of members who are due for of their gold club membership. This should work for any given month and not just the current month to ensure that the theatre is able to keep a track of when it will need to send out a reminder to any member who is due for renewal. If a member of the gold club fails to pay the annual fee then they should be removed from gold club members list and this will need to be done on the system to ensure that they do not receive the ten percent discount and to ensure that the theatre has an accurate and update list of current members of the gold club.


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