The news broadcasting in order to intrigue its

The CNN effect is an approach used by news broadcasting in order
to intrigue its viewership by focusing on a peculiar event such as natural
disasters and conflicts, it does this with the intention of provoking a reaction
from either or both the public and government so that there would be action
taken to help or solve the issue at hand. Making use of this technique labelled
as the ‘CNN effect’ by a news organisation gives the organisation a lot of
influence over the reaction of the public and therefore it increases the efforts
put into addressing the issue at hand. This approach to news broadcasting began
in 1990 when the Gulf War started in Iraq. This war is regarded as one of the greater
wars of the twentieth century. This war erupted not long after the end of the
cold war, the period after the official end of the countless proxy wars between
the U.S and U.S.S.R was filled with a lot of insecurity from a large majority of
the worlds population and so it was a very tense period in global politics. The
advancement in war technology was another reason why this conflict that lasted only
a year had been given so much importance. The last reason for the importance
given to this war could also be the most important of all was the continuous and
rapid transmission of the conflict by the Cable news network (CNN). CNN was reporting
on the ground and the images that CNN transmitted to the Global population made
CNN a very respected and important news agency. CNN was the only Global news
agency delivering information from the warzones of Gulf War, being the sole
source of information, the world was looking at CNN for news about the conflict.
The graphic images and the hearth wrecking news reports had an effect on the
American public in particular and this in turn influenced the decision making by
Americans on the war.

The CNN effect is an effect that influences policies that are
passed by the government and this effect is not bound to just the CNN. This effect
was and still is as effective is because news broadcasting is not limited and so
it is easier for the news to leave an impact with the people receiving the
information. The CNN effect has the power to ‘force’ policy makers to give more
importance to the events the news is focusing on and so this technique is a
very powerful tool for a country to have, this reinforces my initial stand that
Global tv networks are not a waste of founding.

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