The Dominican Republic is a nation on
the island of Hispaniola, part of the Greater Antilles Archipelago between the
Caribbean region and North Atlantic Ocean. It is a bordered by Haiti on the
east and consists mostly of rugged mountains with fertile valleys. The country
is riddled with turbulent past that has been down into 21st Century cultures.
The population is about 8.4 million and increasing at a rate of 1.6 percent per
year. Spanish is the official language and is universally spoken. The
government system is a democratic republic, the chief of the state and head of
government is the president. The Dominican Republic has a mixed economic system
which includes a variety of private freedom, combined with centralized economic
planning and government regulation. Dominican Republic became a nation on 27
February 1844. The Dominican Republic, is not only popular for its vacationing,
beaches, and resorts. Many people believes that the Dominican Republic has
beautiful clothing and is very popular in sports also.

is one of the main factors that will play a part in what kind of clothing
travelers will want to bring on their trip to the Dominican Republic. The climate
on the island is generally warm with little variation. There is some heavy
rainfall during certain times of the year on the island also. Dominican people
dress similarly to Americans. The traditional clothing of Spanish and African
American influences. Most wear summer clothes, like sandals, t-shirts, skirts,
light jackets and sweaters. For special occasions, women wear long dresses and
skirts in bright colors like orange and yellow. Spanish influences is also
present in the way that people in the Dominican Republic. Social settings is
also important when considering what clothing items they wear. Religion is
important to the everyday lives of the Dominicans. There style is usually
conservative and is predominantly as a result of Spanish and African influences.
They do not wear shorts to church, and it is respectful for women to cover
their heads before entering the building. Also men should remove hats or any
head coverings before entering the church as a sign of respect. Local women
often wear long sleeves and veils when attending important services.

Republic cost of living is 33.63% lower than in the United States. With that
being said there clothes is either homemade or affordable in costing. That’s
how most bring in money by making the clothing. Going shopping in the Dominican
Republic, you should know that most stores are open from 9am to 10pm. The
little fabric they usually where is cotton or pounded back fibers.  However, they were jewelry of bone, shell and
gold. They also known to paint themselves for rituals or going into battle.
Historians have pointed out that the heavily clothed Spanish, who probably
seemed just as strange to the naked Taino. Tiano wives were expected to take on
Spanish beliefs and  customs, including,
such as long colorful dresses. Carnival, a traditional Dominican celebration
with medieval European roots still lives to this day. It features colorful
masks and characters in elaborate costumes, including a horned devil. Today,
Dominicans have largely adopted U.S. style many of them take pride of the

also play a key role in the culture of Dominican Republic society. Dominican
Republic is statistically one of the poorest countries in the world, however
sports provides the citizens of the country with a layout. Baseball, is the
most popular sport on the island. After the United States, the Dominican
Republic has the second highest number of baseball. The first players in Major
League Baseball were upper class boys of the Dominican Republic who practiced
in the U.S. , but once returned home played home. Between 1907-1920, they
played for fun. 1921 teams began to collect 7,000 pressures led to the sport
becoming a semi-profession in the Dominican Republic. Now the Dominican
Republic has its own baseball league called The Dominican Winter Baseball
League, which runs its season from October to January. Dominican Republic has
participated in the Baseball World Cup winning one Gold in 1949, three silvers
in 1942, 1950, 1952 and bronze in 1943. Making it in the seventh place.

is also a popular sport in the Dominican Republic. The government body is
Federacion Dominicana De Futbol. They are trying to improve in football. Boxing
is another important sport and the country as produced scores of world class
fighters and world champions both professionals and amateurs. Carlos Te Cruz,
Leo Cruz, Julio Ceasor Green, Joan Guzman, and Juan Carlos Payano all played
for the Dominican Republic.

and Volleyball is not so popular. The National Federal of Basketball holds a
professional league. The NBA have players who represented the Dominican
Republic, such as Francisco Garcia, Al Horford, and Karl Anthony Towns.
Volleyball was introduced by U.S. marines in 1916. In 1934, it became
international with competitions. Starting from 2007 the Dominican Volleyball
Federal holds the league every year. It’s a professional league with eight
participating teams in both genders. As of 2014 women is ranked 7th and men is
in 33rd place. 

has been a success in Dominican Republic. In 1964 Alberto Torres De La Mora was
the first to participate in track and field. The first medallist was a boxer
Pedro Julio Nolasco who won bronze medal in 1984. The first and second gold
medal came by two time world champion 400m hurdles Felix Sanchez in 2004. The
Dominican Republic Olympic Committee is represented by  its president Mr. Luis Mejia Oviedo. Any
other sports such as golfing is played as fun.

you can see the Dominican Republic is not only popular for its, vacationing,
beaches, and resorts. There beautiful clothing inspired by African and Spanish
cultures has giving them the opportunity to make money for their homemade and
affordable clothing. Just like us, they also dress according to their weather
and activity. Also having the poorest reputation, sports have taken their minds
of the impossibles. One of my favorite sports is basketball, unfortunately
that’s not there popular sport. Being second in baseball is a good
accomplishment for them having won several medals is awesome to have on their


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