The teaching is one of most respectableprofession and plays a vital role in development of societies. The teachershelp students to acquire knowledge, information for their development and toshoulder the responsibility of taking the nation towards development, thereforethe teachers are considered as the pillars of the society. Job is not only amain source of income but also an important component of life. Job satisfactionand dissatisfaction are function of the perceived relationship between what oneexpects and obtains from one’s job and how much importance or value oneattributes to it.

” In this global world, job satisfaction has been an importantissue. They desire security, recognition, new experience and independence. Whenthese needs are not fulfilled they become tense, dissatisfaction among workersis undesirable and dangerous in any profession. Work takes away a large part ofworker’s day and also contributes to one’s social standing. Because of workerscentral role in many people’s life, satisfaction with one’s job is an importantcomponent in overall wellbeing. According to Mobey and Lockey (1970)expressed as an opinion that “Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction arefunctionof the perceived relationship between what one expects and obtains from one’sjob and how much importance or value one attributes to it. Again”Robbins andSanghi (2006) “Job satisfaction is collection of feelings that an individualholds toward his or her job.” The same was contributed by Masud Ibn Rahman(2008) “Job satisfaction is defined as a general attitude toward one’s job.

Itis in regard to one’s feelings or state–of-mind regarding the nature of theirwork.” In this global world, job satisfaction has been an important issue. Itis very crucial to the long-term growth of any educational system around theworld. Job satisfaction in this context is the ability of the teaching job tomeet teachers’ needs and improve their teaching performance. Knowledge, skillsand competencies occur when one feels satisfied in one’s behavior. Therefore,satisfaction in needed in the behavior of a college teacher if he/she has toperform productive activities in the college. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Teacher’s job satisfaction is one of the keyfactors in institutional dynamics and generally considered to be the primarydependent variable in terms of which effectiveness of an organization’s humanresource is evaluated.

Job satisfaction of teachers is essential because thefuture of each student is in the hand of a teacher .When the teacher issatisfied in their job at that time only they have interested to teach studentswith efficiently and effectively. College Teachers are arguably the mostimportant group of professionals for our nation’s future.

Therefore, it isdisturbing to find that many of today’s teachers in higher education aredissatisfied with their jobs. Job satisfaction is good not only for employeesbut society as a whole. It increases productivity and classroom performance inthe college. These aspects are important in higher education in India. Thegovernment of India is highly concerned to provide quality education at collegelevel. But without job satisfaction among the behavior of the college teachers,the objective of providing quality education would not be materialized. Therefore,job satisfaction is needed among college teachers to promote quality education.SIGNIFICANCE OTTHRE STUDY Improving educational performance ranks highon the national agenda with educators and policy makers focusing on testingaccountability, curriculum reform, teacher quality and concerns.

A high qualityteaching staff is the cornerstone of a successful system .Attracting andretaining high quality teacher is thus a primary requirement for an educationalinstitution. For the development of quality teachers, one has to understandfactors associated with it. Job satisfaction is one of those important factors.OBJECTIVES OF THESTUDY 1.

To understand the various factors associated with the jobsatisfaction of College teachers. 2. To find out whether there is any relationship of job satisfactionbetween male and female teachers. 3. To find out therelationship between years of service and job satisfaction of College Teachers.SCOPE OF THESTUDY The scope of thestudy is limited to Tamil nadu state. The sample size of the survey is 150.

Theobjectives are fixed based on the support of review available and analysis thathas been made. In short the study has been conducted within the stipulatedframework. RESEARCHMETHODOLOGY The type of Research Method is adopted wasdescriptive research.

. Both primary and secondary data are collected for thecompletion of this project. Primary data are collected using questionnaires anddirect interview. Questionnaires are circulated among the five GovernmentColleges in Tamil nadu. The sample size of the survey is 150. The study hastaken a period of one year i.

e., 2016-2017. The questionnaire prepared on thebasis of various factors which influence the satisfaction of the respondents.Present study based on their long term of service as teachers at GovernmentColleges of Tamil nadu. The categories of Lecturer, Assistant Professor,Associate Professor, Professor and Principal. The first part of questionnaireconsisted of information regarding demographic background such as sex, age,level of education, designation, salary, marital status, length of service. Thesecond part of the questionnaire was consisted of various statements to findout the level of job stress such as working conditions, respondents’ facetspecific job satisfaction,  workload,opportunities of growth and promotion.

LIMITATIONS OFTHE STUDY ·        The study is limited only toTamilnadu, which may fail to give a correct picture of the study. ·        The researcher faces somedifficulty due to the lack of co-operation from some respondents. ·        The bias of respondents cannotbe completely ruled out. ANALYSIS ANDDISCUSSION The number ofteachers surveyed is 150. The questionnaire prepared on the basis of variousfactors which influence the satisfaction of the customers. The response ofGovernment college teachers has given in tables.

GENDERCLASSIFICATION OF RESPONDENTS TABLE 1 GENDER NO OF RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE MALE 90 60 FEMALE 60 40 TOTAL 150 100 Source:primary data Table 1 shows the genderclassification of respondents 60% of the respondents are male and theproportion of 40% are female teachers.INCOME BASED CLASSIFICATIONOF RESPONDENTTABLE 2 MONTHLYINCOME NO OF RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE 35000-40000 57 38 40000-60000 25 16.7 60000-75000 45 30 ABOVE 75000 23 15.3 TOTAL 150 100 Source: primary dataTable no: 2indicates that38 % of respondents belong to the income group of 30000-45000,16.7% of respondents belong to the income group of 45000-60000, 30% ofrespondents belong to the income group of 60000-75000, and 15.3% of respondentsbelong to the income group of above 75000.

SUBJECT OF TEACHINGTABLE 3 SUBJECT NO OF RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE Language 54 36 Science 48 32 Humanities 48 32 TOTAL 150 100    Source:primary data Table 3 shows thesubject of teaching of the respondents.36% of them are language teachers andthe proportion of science and humanities teachers are 32% eachYEAROF EXPERIENCE IN TEACHINGTABLE 4 YEAR NO OF RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE Up to 4 38 25 5 to 14 22 15 15 to 24 38 25 25 to 34 52 35 TOTAL 150 100                        Source: primary data Table 4 indicatesthat the years of experience of college teachers. 35% of them lie in thecategory of 25 to 34, 25% of them lie in the category of 5 to 24 and Up to 4and 15% of respondents come under the category of 5 to 14.FINANCIALAND PROMOTIONAL ASPECTS OF COLLEGE TEACHERSTABLE5 RESPONSES NO OF RESPONDENTS PERCENTAGE   Highly satisfied 30 20 Satisfied 100 67 Neutrals 20 13 Dissatisfied 0 – Highly Dissatisfied 0 – Total 150 100         Source: primary data Table 5 indicatesthat the financial and promotional aspects of college teachers.

Majority of thecollege teachers (67%) are satisfied with the Financial and promotional aspectslike salary, incentives etc. given by the Govt.STUDENTSBEHAVIOUR AND CLASS ROOM ACTIVITIES TABLE6 RESPONSES NO OF RESPONDENTS   PERCENTAGE   Very  Good 30 20 Good 102 68 Fair 18 12 Bad 0   Very Bad 0   Total 150 100 Source:primary data Table 6 indicates that the student’s behaviorand class room activities. 68% of them opined that it is good, 20% as very goodand 12% as fair.BEHAVIOURAND ATTITUDES OF SUPERIORS, SUBORDINATESTABLE7 RESPONSES NO OF RESPONDENTS   PERCENTAGE   Very  Good 30 20 Good 100 67 Fair 20 13 Bad 0 – Very Bad 0 – Total 150 100 Source:primary data Table 7 indicatesthat the attitudes of superiors and subordinates. Majority of the respondents0(67%) stated that it is good; 25% of the respondents stated that it is Verygood and13% of the respondents stated that it is fair.


7 14.2 8.3 12.7 6.7 12 7 11.7 7.2 12.

8 7 Source:primary data Table10 indicates that the job satisfaction of male and female teachers’ .Correlationcoefficient between the job satisfaction of male and female teachers is 0.88.There is high degree of positive correlation between the job satisfaction ofmale teachers and those of female teachers.RELATIONSHIPBETWEEN YEARS OF SERVICE AND JOB SATISFACTION OF COLLEGE TEACHERS TABLE9 YEARS OF SERVICE JOB SATISFACTION   0-4 5 5-14 3.5 15-24 4.

8 25-34 7        Source: primary data Table11indicates that the years of service and job satisfaction of the respondents.From the results of correlation coefficient (0.7), it is clear that there is apositive correlation between these two elements.SUGGESTIONS v  Training methods should be improved. v  Teachers should be provided with adequate freedom for decisionmaking. v  More liberal rapport should be developed between teachers andadministrative authorities. v The teachers should be providedwith sufficient rest room and other facilities.

 CONCLUSION Teachers’ job satisfaction is one of theimportant factors in terms of which the effectiveness of an institution isevaluated. From this limited study, it is found that there are varieties offactors which affect teachers’ job satisfaction. These factors include nature,rules and regulations of the job, financial aspects, students’ behavior andclass room activities , behavior and attitude of superiors , subordinates,principal, non teaching staff, administrative authorities etc; freedom forparticipating in decision making, recognition of the society etc. The abovefactors have great effects on the satisfaction of teachers. The jobsatisfactions among male and female teachers have a high degree of positivecorrelation and there is also a positive correlation between the years ofservice and job satisfaction of college teachers. The teachers should beprovided with better training methods, restroom facilities etc.

There should bea better relationship with administrative authorities; they should be given sufficientfreedom for decision making etc. for attaining higher satisfaction from allsuch aspects of their profession. 


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