The distinction among
linguistic structures in two languages described as comparative analysis, such as
differentiation between phonetic and syntax patterns (Longman
Dictionary of English 1978). Linguistics sameness among languages is more
than differences (Kurani,Muho).Contrastive analysis of English and Spanish in
the perspective of phonetics morphology and word order
( Benedet,1998; Saporta,1955). As, Haliday described that In the
language under use the important unit is not 
only word or structure but text, a text can consist of one word or more
words. For the identification of specific problem and complexities, contrastive
analysis has strength to define the working of words in the text (Cabrera). First work done on analysis of word
organization by C. A. Smith in 1893.Syntactic
norms was observed by him(Smith1893).Words seems straight forward entities, but
at a certain syntactic level they become problematic( Arts 2001). The syntactic criteria for word order is based on what
words given, word occurs with, and the types of phrase in which a given word
Syntactic criteria of word order are most important (Miller, 2002). A
contrastive study of word order in creoles is done by DeGraff (2008). Another
important contrastive investigation of word order in Standard English and
Arabic is done by Souadkia, who
analysed the word patterns of these two languages and illustrated the noun
phrase and verb phrase organization of these two languages. At first
glance, it seems that words can be classified depending on their meaning, but there are also
many words whose semantic properties do not match in the semantic categories
but they can divided into grammatical word classes(Kim,Shells 2007). Different
types of language have different word orders in specific types of constructions
(Radford, 2006). Comparative researches on word order are present on English
and many other languages, but no comparison research on Urdu and English is present.
Urdu yet, not compared with any other language in the means of word order.


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