The 2017 employerlist is very interesting, and I am looking forward to all the employer visitsbut the one of most interest to me is the World Bank. Growing up in the third worldcountry of Ghana, I am familiar with the mission of the World Bank organizationwhich is to “End extreme poverty within a generation and boost sharedprosperity.” I have also witnessed their impact first hand funding variousdevelopmental projects in my home country. Before becoming familiar with theirmission, I would always hear about them on our seven o’clock evening news whenI was in grade school.

And as I became more socially conscious, my admirationgrew for the World Bank and all humanitarian driven organization such as theUnited Nations who sought to make the world a better place for everyone. Aside from havingthe goal of become an actuary, I have a burning desire to impact lives and giveback in every aspect of my life including my work. It’s been a dream of minethat, after acquiring some relevant experience in the finance and actuarialindustry, I would give my skill set to an organization that supports themission of empowering the world by eradicating poverty and sharing prosperityacross the globe. The World Bank is a typical example of such an organizationand this makes me thrilled to be able to visit them and see how they help theglobe, one project at a time. Not only do they give development policy loans toalleviate poverty and catastrophe risk, but they offer global outreach through creativeeducation, informed training, public engagement and multi-media communication.

An example of an educative initiative is the Connect4Climate program whichengages a global youth audience to take a position against climate change challengeand work together to advance climate solutions that help end poverty. This trip willafford me the opportunity of learning more about the organization and gettingspecific details about the kind of financing instruments the World Bank metesout and their selection criteria. I will also have the opportunity to receive answersto questions on the kind of experience I can bring to the organization as wellas the qualifications and qualities an ideal candidate must have to be able towork for the organization. This will sharpen me for when I make my move to jointhe World Bank in the future. I also believe my skill set will be very usefulto the World Bank. I would be able to quantify the risk associated withsubmitted proposal for financial funding, help in capital budgeting decisions andwork in their predictive modelling department to build various models such as amodel to rate the viability of a project since I will be a credentialed actuarywith a finance specialization in business administration as well as astatistician- my background is in applied statistics. I am also able to work inresearch by designing, implementing and analysing surveys, thus helping theWorld Bank in its research function of providing analysis and advice fordeveloping countries.

Getting to know more through the visit via listening andasking questions will enable me find out about which departments could make useof my experience and skill set. It will be such adream come true if I am able to contribute to the betterment of this world bycontributing to the mission of the World Bank. I also believe in developingcountries – of which my home country is part – we are a gold mine ofopportunities waiting for the right opportunity and funding to bring out theseriches.  It will do my heart so much joyto know I am working for the World Bank who is making its mission to eradicatepoverty in the globe. Thank you.


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