The safe settlement that require active support from

The Delegates of Japan strongly recommends Security Council to discuss upon the means
to accommodate integration of Syrian refugees in European societies regarding the Agenda on
Agenda item A. Nowadays, since series of religious extremists of terrorism happened in
European countries, there are increasing number of European countries that are reluctant to
accept refugees by reinforcing their border control or finding other means to escape from the
responsibility for embracing refugees. In regards to this current phenomenon, it is our duty to
pay attention to certain problem since our ultimate goal is to establish not only an international
peace but also a peace and security among one nation.
As it can be noticed in Agenda, it is pinpointing to the Syrian refugees who are urgent for
their safe settlement that require active support from European societies. Currently, Syrian
refugees that are suffering in severe poverty are outnumbering 11 million. Then, what has made
Syrian civilians to wander around the world like a homeless people? It takes back to July 2011
when the event called ‘cvil war’ finally broke up in Syria after the series of fights between
protestors who wanted democracy and the government that was mainly ruled by the dictatorship
of Bashar al-Assad. The magnitude of fight can be assumed when you realize the fact that 90,000
lives were distinguished in the civil war by June 2013 and death toll eventually reached 250,000
in August 2015. The situation became worse when jihadist group Islamic State has claimed
control over the portion of Syrian and Iraqi territory. Eventually, United States of America that
could not tolerate violation of international peace by the IS’ terror attacks and Syria
government’s continuous use of chemical weapons to fight against Syrian civilians finally
intervene by taking several humanitarian action by using certain military force such as
warplanes. Even though there were many humanitarian aids made by United Nation especially
including United Nations Human Rights Council and United Nations Security Council, Syrian
refugees are encountering a greater hurdle when they are neglected by European societies. The
main reason why many European countries are reluctant to accept Syrian refugee is due to the
series of IS’ terrorist attack that has created ‘xenophobia’ within the European countries.
However, we have to notice the fact that there are also innocent Syrian civilians who have
nothing to do with terrorism but are merely urgent for their survival. Furthermore, Syrian
refugees are not only encountering economic distress that 70% of Syrian refugees who had
settled in several European societies are suffering in poverty, but also enduring psychological
distress caused by language and cultural barriers and xenophobic reaction from European
Along with the humanitarian aids by nations and organizations, Security Council that has
ultimate goal of maintaining peace in the world had an influential impact on the world. In the
Geneva Communique in 30 June 2012, they reemphasized the six-point plan from Security
Council resolutions 2042 and 2043. According to six-point plan, it accommodate nations to
support humanitarian aid toward Syrian civilians and promote termination of military threat upon
certain nation. Furthermore, Resolution 2254 made by Security Council in 2015 was a indication
to the world that international society would cooperate to handle Syrian Civil war and the
refugees who are suffering from certain dreadful situations.
In regards to the matter of refugees, Japan admit the fact that we have accepted relatively
low number of Syrian refugees compared to other countries such as United States and some
European countries. However, we want to emphasize the fact that we have not discard Refugee
Convention, and we still have intention to support refugees as much as possible. Our country
have gave $181.6 million dollars to the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees(
UNHCR) by ranking in the second largest donor after United States. Furthermore, the
government of Japan as donated $1.5 million to the United Nations Children’s Funds (UNICEF)
in order to save Syrian refugee children and women in Iraq. UNICEF showed a sincere gratitude
towards our country, and they said that they would use those money in useful ways such as for
construction of taps, showers and latrines to give safe water and hygiene facilities in Doha
governorate and 7000 refugees in Al-Qaim camp in Anbar governorate. Since Japan has kept
Homogeneity within our country, our country is continuously trying to reach out from our
comfort zone and endeavor to be assimilated in the globalized world. Thus, our country is
considering several plans to be a sincere participant of Refugee convention by implementing
laws that support accepting more Syrian refugees in a safe way and creating programs that teach
Japanese people about multiculturalism and deal with possible xenophobia from Japanese
people. Overall, I think the best solution for our country to advocate Syrian refugees is to not
only give realistic criticisms to our country, but also admit and complement certain financial
contribution we have made throughout several years. If you decide to have generous
perseverance for our country to step out from our comfort zone, it would certainly be a driving
force for our country to engage more on supporting refugees.The Delegate of Japan strongly recommends Security Council to discuss upon seeking
ways to restore order in the formerly IS-controlled region and to prevent the reconstruction of
such terrorist groups regarding the Agenda item B. Islamic State is conducting various terrorist
actions throughout the world, and it is certainly an action that is threatening the peace of the
nations. The number of innocent people whose lives have been deprived by religious extremists
are increasing, and several Middle East countries such as Iraq and Syria are suffering in their
brutal control by the Islamic state. Thus, Security council whose main job is to establish peace
and support security among nation is certainly responsible for this topic and should actively
engage in managing certain problems associated with increasing terrorist threat such as ISIS.
The Islamic state begins to gain power when Muhammad became progenitor of the
Islamic religion. According to their viewpoint, they think that expansion of their territory
through terrorism is the mean to reveal the ‘divine will’, which became the origin of modern
jihadist playbook. An ascension of Caliph Ali led to a civil war and created divisions among the
Muslims by Shia and Sunni. Among many terrorist groups from Islamic state, ISIS is oriented as
a Sunni militant group created in 1999. Since they performed various brutal acts including raping
women, beheading, and crucifixion, wester forces and other nation began to react upon
unacceptable terrorism conducted by ISIS. Currently, ISIS terrorist group is not only threatening
Middle East countries, but also attacking nations such as United States, Germany, Belgium,
France, Australia, and Indonesia, which are nations that are far from the groups of countries such
s Iraq and Syria. Furthermore, their cruel behaviors can be examined when you see the postings
in SNS done by ISIS that include pictures of beheadings and destructions.
In regards to this problem of ongoing terrorist act by ISIS and other terrorist groups,
Security council has established resolutions 1267, 1989, and 2253 regarding this topic and some
of the contents were rented by the resolution 2368 in 2017. The details of resolution include
assets freeze that prevent financial assets or economics resources transporting to certain terrorist
groups, travel ban that monitor the possible entrance of certain individuals of terrorist group,
arms embargo is to prevent terrorist group for gaining military weapons from certain individuals
or entities since it will further strengthen their power for conducting terrorism. Furthermore,
there was a Security Council Resolution 2379, which was to collect incidents or evidences of IS’
crimes in Iraq that include crimes, genocide, or any other crimes that is threatening humanity.
Importantly, our country had an incident regarding the inhumane action done by ISIS that
two Japanese citizens were beheaded by the hands of Islamic state. This incident has evoked
Japan to take cautious attention to the possible actions that ISIS would take in next order. Thus,
we are actually in an active engagement regarding this topic of ISIS’ terrorism, and we have
contributed more than 33 million to the humanitarian crisis by providing support for emergency
shelters and relief items for displaced citizens from Iraq and Syria. We are eager to handle this
problem of terrorism, and I hope tragedy caused by brutal and unacceptable action from Islamic
state would end as soon as possible. At the end, I think the best solution for this phenomenon is
to supervise if any possible military weapons or financial assets that might be transported to
groups such as ISIS and collaborate with various experts such as geographers and technologists
who would help us to collect valuable resources regarding ISIS. Furthermore, we should further
discuss how to provide sufficient support for the countries in Middle East including Iraq and
Syria since they are the main sites that ISIS is having a control upon.