The poem “One Perfect Rose” gave meanings the symbol of love and a defines a perfect relationship.  The first two stanzas inform the audience of the quiet tone and six lines of one perfect rose which symbolizes love.  The limousine is said to replace the rose.  For example, money can replace the rose with respect. For me, it sounds like she describes as a gold digger. In the 1920’s many women had no way of earning money like men.

  If they did, the women were either born into a wealthy family or married to someone of wealth.  The poem implies that Dorothy would refuse romantic love for something more practical.  She prefers replacing it more so than refining the rose.  Dorothy Parker misguides her audience in the first and second part of the poem into believing the poem is a romantic dialogue of tender moments from her past.  The tone in which she had changed quickly in the third portion of the poem. In the third section of the stanza, she gave readers the clear understanding of her true intentions of the poem.  She did not want just one single rose.  She wanted more out of the relationship.

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  At the time, she felt that she was getting the same thing each time that she would see her partner.  She often mocked what she received.  She made it evident that the rose was unnecessary and unwanted.  She prefers a limousine instead.

  For me, I believe that Dorothy Parker was implying if this guy is going to make an effort to know me or love me, he should make it worth her time.  In a nutshell, the poem seems to be sarcastic.In conclusion, One Perfect Rose illustrate the end of a moment and cultural value.  Dorothy wanted more; she wanted a limousine.  To some, that is materialistic.  Dorothy Parker struggled with alcohol and depression to the point to where she tried to take her own life.

  One perfect rose is the desire that many want to have which is an ideal life.   


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