purpose of purchase and technology are trends that have been driving consumer behavior.
Consumers have always been driven by purpose whether it is unconsciously or
consciously, we tend to seek meaning in our lives.  For example, many of us seek the purpose when
deciding what grocery store to buy from or brands to purchase. Consumers what
to be part of the “value” the brand delivers and have that emotional connection
which earns the loyalty and trust to such brands. For example, the brand Dove mission
is to improve the confidence and self-esteem of women around the world. Dove employs
the purpose and value to consumers. Technology is another trend that drives
consumer behavior now in days everyone has a smartphone on their hands. Many consumer’s
feel confident when they can purchase online or through their mobile devices. For
millennials is more convenient to purchase online also it allows to view
reviews online which in result impacts when the purchase decisions.  

and authenticity are qualities that influence value creations and brand
loyalty. Responsiveness is defined as the quality to respond positively and quickly.
McDonalds is an example how a brad is capable respond to negative and turn into
positive quickly. McDonalds has been criticized for almost everything, from not
paying decent wages to employees to being a poor quality fast food chain.
However, today its being responsiveness to the negative by making reputational
changes like improving food quality, increasing wages, and testing healthier
options. Authenticity is defined as the quality of being authentic the original.
Nike is a n example of authenticity because it knows its brand and delivers it
at every touch point. The “Just Do It” slogan has stood the test of time it is
what defines the authenticity of Nike. This authentic slogan represents honesty,
sporting attitude, and inspiration. It has the power to turn the brand Nike
into a n iconic sportwear brand in the world.

and Apple are two brands that have been successful globally. Amazon has been successful
globally because of its innovation and diversified products and services. It
was not the first online company but one of the most innovated by providing different
products and services. For example, I always check out Amazon to rent out my
textbook for school. It also carries a diversified inventory from milk, furniture,
and books. It is for certain that if you can not find it at the store you will
more likely find it at Amazon. Apple has been successful globally because of its
simplicity and customer service experiences. All products created are easy to
learn and understand. Apple does not invent new products it makes them better.
For example, the tablet, smartphone, and MP3 players were reinvented and made
better. Apple offers exceptional in store experience and customer service. At
their retail stores customers can touch and play with all the devices Apple
offers and when you have trouble with your device a “genius” is able to trouble
shoot your problem and help you solve it.

global brands to successful they must create some sort of value among consumers.
The associated value of such brand determines if a purchase will occur. Also,
authenticity and responsiveness are important qualities that influence value
and brand loyalty. Amazon and Apple share many on those qualities which has
placed them in the top 10 most successful brands sin the world. 


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