The communication sector in modern society is a complex infrastructure which includes wire-line services such as fiber optic cables, wireless services such as cell phones, satellite communications for voice and data , cable system for internet access and broadcast services that includes radio and televisions. However, this complexity can be reduced to focus only on the Telecommunications Infrastructure Core(TIC). This includes terrestrial network, undersea fibre optics cable, Domain Name System(DNS), Border Gateway Protocol(BGP), Carriers and operators.

The primary criteria for building the infrastructure of telecommunications is the order of magnitude of lower bandwidth of microwave, wireless or satellite communications. Therefore disruption of this telecom core can severely impair long-distance data links and disrupt downstream services. As telecom industry has emerged one of the biggest sector in past few decades, it is necessary to understand the risk associated its global emergence as a integrated system. Telecommunication covers wide range of producers, dealers, operators and end users from different market segments. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate risk associated with integrated system of telecommunication by considering several factors such as political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental.

Risks and data Security: The security has been a major issue as wireless services have increased in past few years. Infrastructure management, surveillance and damage control are keys to increase the security within the system. The government and private agencies are also equally responsible to eliminate the threats and take necessary steps in critical situations. The 5G project by European Commission is one of the example where 5G-ENSURE (Enablers for network and system security and resilience) will deliver strategic impacts across technology and business sector. 5G-ENSURE will use external sources from 5G related projects to drive the tech business ventures. It will also highlight the relevant security and privacy issues(EU- 5G PPP, 2015).Telecommunications sector is facing a threat to privacy and it is a rising burden on the operators as the communications monitoring is tightened.

The operators will be exposed to a number of risks. The risks can range from increased compliance costs to reputational damage. Apart from privacy, content piracy is another are where copyright holders are seeking tougher penalties for those who pirate content. Since network upgrade strategies are always at the forefront, the operators should ensure acceptable service levels bearing in mind the customers. They have to cooperate with the suppliers to identify the problems and avoid costly network downtime scenarios especially voice and messaging services. Operators mostly outsource their counterparts for the privacy of data and security.

For telecommunication industries that manage security services for multi-national corporations that includes larger, cloud-based propositions, customers will only subscribe to digital services if they are convinced of improved privacy and security features. As the world is increasingly relying on greater bandwidth, the risks associated with it are also increasing as political, economic and military activities are heavily dependent on it. Since there are no alternative to fibre-optic networks either terrestrial or undersea-the cables running undersea and the terrestrial fibres running across national territories have become a significant point for potential failure.One of the main security strategies is to eliminate vulnerability and manage risks. Vulnerability can arise when security is low and low-assurance solutions are deployed for cost purposes.

There is also a threat on the fibre-optic network which threatens availability, confidentiality, authentication and privacy to counter-measures. According to the present study, on cable threats, it has been found that there are many opportunities for outages because of insufficient attention to resilient architecture,


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