The job advert plays a massive part in the recruitment and
selection process and the reputation of a business. It is key for the
organisation to use the same criteria to remain or become an ethical employer.
This affects the business as more people are likely to want to work for the
business, leading to a larger pool of applicants to choose from. Linking to the
job advert is the job description and person specification, which again must
use the same criteria. This again helps the business in being ethical. The
reason being ethical and increasing the business’s reputation is key to the
success of a business, is because it attracts more people to the business. This
means when the business goes to employ, higher skilled and better candidates
are willing to work for the business as they know they’ll be treated fairly.

The customer service of a business is key to the success as
it often helps attract repeat customers. Therefore, the shortlisting of
documents and the way the candidates are assessed is so necessary to choose
correctly. Assessing candidates based on screening tests before the interview stage
or choosing to look at their CV to give them the job, is a good way to find the
best candidate. The interview board needs to have a gender and ethnic balance for
it to be the fairest process and this then leads
to the best people to be employed for the job; consequently, leading to the
employee helping the business and its customer service.

The culture of a business is the values and expectations an
organisation has, and every employee is to know this. It’s the ‘how we do
things’ in the organisation. During the interview process, this is key for the interview board or panel to make the
applicant aware of as well as taking note of if the potential employee would
fit in with the culture. This is so key as it creates a sense of purpose and
belonging, which in turn creates a happy, productive workforce, thus the
business is successful. Linking to that, making sure the job description and
person specification state what is
preferred to fit in with the culture of the business is a great way for an
applicant to know the culture before the actual interview. Similarly, during
the induction and training period, the employee can learn about the culture and
slowly understand the core values the organisation has. This again helps the
success of a business, as the employee firstly knows the culture, and secondly can
enhance their skills for the best of the business.

Workforce planning is what all organisations should do to
remain successful. This is because workforce planning assesses how many
employees the firm has now and how many it thinks it needs for the future. It
is crucial that the organisation matches the qualifications that it already has and that of the future needs of the
business. This helps with the success of the company, as


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