The pros and cons of minimum-mandatory sentencing. Pros, it helps to set
an example for individuals who may contemplate engaging in the same criminal
conduct. They also help eliminate personal bias, they eliminate the sympathy
factor in litigations, they can lead to a decrease in crimes. Cons, They shift
the personal bias in trials, they would unfairly target minority groups, they
can create an environment of coercion, they can be unjust.



5.   Discuss
the pros and cons of minimum-mandatory sentencing. Be able to provide examples.

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Sexual assault occurs in all prisons. An estimated four percent of state
and federal inmates reports one or more incident. It is difficult for one
reason to stop most of the incidents are not reported right away so lack of
evidence cannot lead to a conviction. If the incidents are reported immediately
then evidence can be there and we can set examples of the ones who are guilty
so that will let the other ones who do this know that its not ok for any sexual
assault. The inmates that commit these crimes can face more charges and be
incarcerated for longer time for that crime.


4.      Sexual
assaults occur in all prisons.  Why is it difficult to stop sexual
assaults in prisons?  Can they be controlled? Why is it difficult to
control sexual assaults? What is done to inmates that commit sexual assaults?


The hands off doctrine dominated thinking about correctional law in
America during the 19th century. This was put into place because
judges felt like inmates had no rights because of they forfeited them when they
commited their crimes. Now this law also made it hard for correctional officers
because the inmate thought that they couldn’t be touched or couldn’t be touched
because they would make the officer lose their job. The case Cooper v. Pate
ended this period.


3.      What
was the Hands-off period in Corrections? What do you feel were some of the
issues during this period? What case was instrumental in ending this period in


If I were the sheriff of a local jail, I would choose the courtyard
layout. The courtyard layout will give inmates a big place to have their
activities, but with also privacy for prisoners to not see outside the prison
walls. Some of the most serious issues we face in the United States are the
overpopulated prisons and gangs in prison. If I had the chance to implement
some more programs in prison the would be more educational programs and more
work release programs. Both of these programs have shown inmates improvement
back into society.



2.   If
you were the sheriff of a local jail,  what architectural style of jail
would you prefer and why? What are some of the most serious issues you would be
facing in the United States today? Your jail is meeting the minimum program
requirements.  If you could implement more programs,  which program
do you think would be the most important to implement in your jail, and why?


Between the purposes of jails and prisons this is my conclusion. The
purpose of jail is to hold an inmate for a short length of time verse prison
which hold prisoners for more time even for life. Jails are usually ran by
local law enforcement agencies. Prisons are typically operated by either a
state or federal government, but also have private prisons that have their own
employees but still have to be certified by the state.


1.   Compare
and Contrast the purposes of jails and prisons.

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