The world is changing with the span of time and it is seeing a great many deals of war, terrorismand economic diversity. With each passing second the number of everything is both increasingand at the same time decreasing as like the healthcare, sanitation, healthcare and standard of life.The refugee crisis is one of the main problems of the present world as the number of the refugeesare increasing specially in the underdeveloped and the developing nations like Bangladesh,Somalia, Chad. As a member state of the World Health Organization(WHO) Mexico isconcerned about the sanitation and healthcare of the refugees.Being one of the establishing member of the United nations and one of the most active memberif the WHO, Mexico wants to the world community to come forward for the proper sanitationand healthcare of the refugee in the refugee camps. Mexico is providing her citizen with both thefundamental and universal healthcare programs. The Seguro Popular (Popular HealthInsurance). taken by the Mexican govt is able to provide the people with the proper healthcare ata very low price. Since then more than 50 million people in Mexico have attained the Healthcareservice and have been benefitted. Besides the Seguro Popular can also be an example to thecountries of the committee today to develop a policy for the refugee based countries like that ofBangladesh, Somalia and Germany. Besides, Mexico is a country where the expectancy rate ofthe m/f is 74/80 years old, which single handedly proves the amount of healthcare that is beingreceived by the citizens of Mexico. Besides another mentionable fact is that the country spendsabout 6.2% of its GDP on the healthcare. Though in the 90s Mexico had a poor condition but thequick response made by the policy makers helped the healthcare facilities of the people ofMexico to get better with the flow of time as it brought more funds along with many other newfacilities. But to ensure the proper healthcare and sanitation in the countries we need to worktogether and come up with a better resolution for the underdeveloped or developed countries.To solve the problems that are being faced by the countries of the world incase of the sanitationand the healthcare of the refugees in the refugee camps the Delegate of Mexico have come withthe mentioned possible solutions:1. To conduct a situation analysis based on the local community with the help of WHO onthe healthcare of the refugees in various refugee camps all around the world.2. To find out the areas of the expenditure and to create a framework by which the policiescan be easily implemented.3. To differentiate the sectors of the private and clinic service and create the scope offunding for both the sectors differently.Reference:1.


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