IN COUNSELLING SUBJECT (EDG 3401)    KULLIYYAH OF EDUCATIONINTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA Table of ContentCHAPTER 1 : INTRODUCTION            Introduction                                                                                        3            Statement of Problem                                                                         4            Purpose of Study                                                                                4            Significance of Study                                                                         4            Research Questions                                                                             5            Research Objectives                                                                            5            Conceptual Framework                                                                       5            Definition of Terms                                                                            6            Summary of Chapter                                                                           7CHAPTER 2 : LITERATURE REVIEW                                                                                     Literature
Review                                                                                    8            Summary of Chapter                                                                           10CHAPTER 3 : RESEARCH METHODS                                                                                      Introduction                                                                                                11        Research
Design                                                                                 11        Population                                                                                           11Sample                                                                                                12
Collection Procedure                                                                  12        Data
Analysis Procedure                                                                    13        Research
Instrumentation                                                                   13Summary
of Chapter                                                                           15CHAPTER 4 : RESULTS                                                                                       CHAPTER 5: CONCLUSION AND
RECOMMENDATION            Introduction            Summary of the Research            Highlights of Findings            Discussion            Recommendation for Future Research            Summary         References
1IntroductionWidespread study and
research in the educational sociology expose a significant relationship between
family socio-economic status (SES) and the academic achievement of students. A
single SES variable is operationalized through dealings characterizing from three
perspective; parental education, occupation and income. Socioeconomic status
(SES) is a combined measure of an individual’s or family’s economic and social
position relative to others, based on income, education, and occupation, when
analyzing a family’s SES, the mother’s and father’s education and occupation
are examined. Family socio-economic background includes family income, standard
of house occupied or rented, family size, parental education and level of
family stability.  According to ………………socio-economic
background is a most critical variable in the determination of achievement,
stressing that the opportunity to achieve success is influenced by learning,
availability of special help at home, reference materials and tutors. In the context of this
research, the academic achievement is focusing on the result of past national
examination of SPM; which is really well-known by the netizens that it plays a
big role in contributing to the success of education continuity in the tertiary
level. The SPM result of the first year students of IIUM undergraduate students
are analyze to determine it relationship with their family socioeconomic
status.The issue of
socioeconomic background and its relationship to students’ achievement can also
be explored specifically on the level of parental education, income and
occupation. Literature on academic achievement seems to show that parent level
of education is important in predicting children’s academic achievement.  Most economically advantaged students may
have higher access opportunity towards education facilities and assistants. Thus, this current
study attempts to identify the effect of socioeconomic status on academic
achievement of first year IIUM undergraduates in their past national exam, SPM.
of ProblemDespite of the
students’ capability to enroll in a public university; IIUM, different students
may have experienced different difficulties during their schooling years in
order to achieve good result in SPM. The concern is that their SPM academic achievement
is somehow affected by several factors, and one of it is socioeconomic status.
Some of them may have full access towards education facilities and assistant
and some of them may face extreme difficulties on achieving success in SPM with
the limited access towards education facilities and addition of financial
constraint of the family. Therefore, this research is to find out what are the
factors that affect academic achievement among IIUM undergraduate students in
their past national examination SPM. Purpose
of StudyThis study aims to identify the
relationship between socioeconomic status and academic performances of IIUM
undergraduate students.   Significance
of Study…………… found
that student’s family economic status played important roles in their lives
both inside and outside of school, and the researchers concluded that a
family’s economic status had the most significant influence on student
learning. …………………… shared that the general perception was that students who
belonged to families with higher socioeconomic status would have greater
opportunities to interact with the learning environment which resulted in
greater achievement as opposed to students who were from lower socioeconomic
status who had less opportunities and less resources that caused them to lag
behind academically. Vygotsky’s constructivist theory suggested that students’
learning was affected by their social interactions. It was therefore necessary
to understand the underpinnings and the impact of socio-economic status and
other factors that are related to the academic achievement gaps. The
relationships need to be examined so that educational practitioners and the
government line respond to the underlying issues that are impacting the
students.In brief, it is
important to analyze the strength of the impact of socioeconomic status towards
the SPM academic achievement of students, so that the socioeconomic status gap
can be shorten and domino effect can be reduce in the generation chain. Thus,
this group can be empower and attract the attention of the right group to help
them. Research Questions1.     
Is there any relationship between socioeconomic
status and academic achievement of IIUM first year
undergraduate students in the past national examination SPM?2.      What is the relationship between parents’ occupation and
academic achievement?3.       What is the relationship
between parents’ income and academic achievement? Research
To identify the relationship between parents’ education and academic achievement of IIUM first
year undergraduate students in the past national examination SPM2.     
To examine the relationship
between parents’ occupation and academic achievement3.      To explore the relationship between parents’ income and academic
achievement  Conceptual


Figure 1.1Figure 1.1 shows the
framework line for this study. The researcher chose to focus on three types of
concept which is level of confidence, personality of a person and academic
performances of IIUM undergraduate students. The first concept which is the level
of confidence had been choose because the researcher wants to know is it
influence someone’s academic performances. The other concept chosen by the
researcher which is personality; the researcher is curious to know is there any
type of personality that affect student’s academic performance. Lastly, the
researcher interested to understand the concept of academic performance which
is what makes this student’s achievement different from each other. Thus, by
having these three concepts, we will be able to find the answer whether
personality really influence academic performance of IIUM undergraduate
students.     Definition
of TermsRelationship The way in
which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of
being connected.UndergraduateA student
at a college or university who has not yet earned a bachelor’s or equivalent
degree.AcademicOf or
relating to education and scholarshipAcademic AchievementAcademic
achievement is the outcome of education, the extent to which a student, teacher
or institution has achieved their educational goalsSocioeconomic Status (SES)SES is an
economic and sociological combined total measure of a person’s work experience
and of an individual’s or family’s economic and social position in relation to
others, based on income, education, and occupation.     Summary
of ChapterThe No Child Left
Behind Act (2001) required states to set educational standards and mandated
states to report annually on the progress of all students towards those
standards. Educational standards should be established so that through the
development and maintenance of appropriate teaching and learning conditions,
all students would have a fair opportunity to learn. This will help many people
to understand and acknowledge well about students if they are having academic

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In sum, it is suggested
that attention be paid to with-in group differences so that policy makers and
practitioners avoid ineffective and counterproductive programs for minority
students, and provide extra education facilities and assistance to the group
who cannot afford to get them on their own. In addition, the study about the
relationship of socioeconomic and the academic achievement will be widespread
conducted in more details.  


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