The cause of a Natural disaster can leave many brutal effects. One of them is water, water can become very unsafe to drink after a natural disaster. Unsafe drinking water can Ccauseing many illness and deaths to those affected. Water can easily become unsafe during these events. For example dangerous levels of microorganisms, water-borne bacteria, and protozoa are all reasons of how water becomes unsafe after a natural disaster. During these natural disasters water is heavily affected, and having a clean water supply becomes a threat.    Microorganisms, Dangerous levels of Microorganisms have had a big effect on water. Making water challenging for treatment. The treatments like UV, boiling, or chemicals don’t necessarily work, because of excess particulate matter, such as mud, sediments etc. The water may appear cloudy because of this, most of the time it’s because of the microorganisms in the water. Microorganisms can cause organic chemicals, which are hazardous compounds in the water labeled “organic”. In floods, storms water can cause large quantities. When the drinking water treatment is inadequate the water should be passed through multiple functioning filters before drinking.Water-bore bacteria can also cause water to become very unsafe. Legionnaire’s disease, typhoid, and cholera are all diseases caused by waterborne bacteria. This bacteria has affected many people. For example in Haiti thousands of people were devastated after Hurricane Matthew in 2016. The lack of clean water resulted in a cholera outbreak. This disease is very serious and can lead to severe diarrhea, dehydration and even death if untreated. This is just an example of many of how effective unsafe water can be.Lastly Protozoa, heavily affects drinking water making it unsafe. Protozoa can cause diseases Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and amoebic dysentery are what cause diseases. The diseases causing protozoa are generally 2-50 microns in diameter, which are usually larger than bacteria. water usually affected by protozoa can affect the digestive system by living and multiplying in your intestines. Other organs can be affected as well. To get rid of the Protozoa in your water it must also be filtered properly Use multiple layered filters that get rid of bacteria,also UV, chemicals, and boiling.        In conclusion, during natural disasters like storms, hurricanes, floods etc. water is heavily affected. From microorganisms to, protozoa to, waterborne bacteria, and having a clean water supply becomes more of a threat. These effects on water damage people and have horrible effects on them and their environment. Also not having easy access to safe water makes everyday living a little difficult. Still these natural disasters leave an effect on water, a very unsafe effect on water.


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