The 2018 Mercedes GTR is a powerful sports
car that was built by Mercedes AMG which is the motorsports arm of Mercedes
Benz. This car was designed to be primarily a race car with the road cars built
to meet certain standards.

The road cars that have been produced are
generally seen as the racing cars for the road.  

When the driver steps into this vehicle,
they will enjoy and experience the philosophy of the power of the engine from a
first-hand point of view.

This book will cover many of the features
of the 2018 Mercedes GTR which will educate the reader on what is currently







GTR Coupe

This vehicle was created
in the Green Hell and this was a perfect name for the Nurburging racking track.
This vehicle is a combination of over 50 years of motorsports victory into a
great record time. The vehicle is honed, lightened and fortified and it is a
great machine for the street.


50 years history

The history of Mercedes
began in the late 1960’s. This was when two engineers in the automotive
industry with a deep passion for racing started to turn Mercedes Benz cars into
race cars. The performance division of Mercedes Benz continues to excel on the
track and the streets of the world. It is important to note that every Mercedes
engineer pushes the limits to achieve driving performance.


AMG Family

The vehicle has been
developed to confirm to the latest technology in a form for the street. This
vehicle is a formidable member of the AMG family. There are many things such as
higher output, weight reduction, sport tires, active aero and various
performance innovations that go into a sport car.


Air in and Air out

This vehicle is equipped
with bigger turbos and this is found within the cylinder banks that provide
major boost to the cylinders and heads. There is a redesigned engine management
that carries almost 577hp will carry less that 6lbs of the car that can launch
it to 60 in 3.5 seconds.



The design of the engine
and the transaxle layout will deliver a great front and rear wheel balance.
There will be a massive amount of power going between them and an available
carbon fiber torque tube that is about 20lbs lighter. Carbon fiber is also used
to make the front splitter, roof, front fenders and the under body panels.



The vehicle is equipped
with adjustable coil over springs that have a 3 stage adaptive damping to help
the ride control. There is also an active rear wheel steering that gives the
driver unshakable control on the track or on the road.


Traction Control

The 2018 Mercedes GTR
contains a 9 mode traction control which enables the driver to completely run
their show. The traction control will allow the driver to set the degree of the
drive wheel traction all via a simple knob in the cockpit. The settings range
from a wet road grip that will go to the driftable slip. This will give you
great power in all your turns.


Seamless control

The steering wheel is
wrapped with suede and it supports the Nappa leather seats. There are controls
on the console that calls on the V8 power plant and call on its power. There is
a great sound system that is concealed with different approaches that the
different weight saving measures that are used in the 2018 Mercedes GTR.




There are many benefits
that are harnessed via the wind tunnel along with active lower grille louvers
that can cool the running gear or cut drag. The carbon fiber of the underbody
will give the car great speed on the road. It is important to note that even
with wider tires and rear fenders along with a fixed wing. The 2018 Mercedes
GTR will provide also allows a reduced drag coefficient.


Forged wheels

The alloy wheels have many
icons and of precision and panache. These were made to give great strengths
with minimal weight that will showcase the power of the brakes. Three of the
styles that are available are varied in diameter and width which include
19″front and 20″ read for the appropriate balance.


Mbrace Concierge

This is a personal
assistant that will present itself in the form of Mbrace Concierge. The company
will provide an expert agent who will be available to you. This agent will give
the driver various things such as various recommendations, reservations, directions,
traffic information, for dinner and to provide an answer to almost any


Mbrace Bundle

This package will allow
the user to get different features that will bring together Mbrace Concierge
and Mbrace Entertain with all they have to offer. This combination will also
save $10 per month and your dealer can be seen for additional information.


Mbrace Secure

The Mbrace secure is a
package that will offer the drive security, safety and various emergency
services that provide help in some situations you may find yourself in. Some of
these include Dealer Connect, SOS Emergency call, Safe Ride and Crisis Assist.


Mbrace Entertain

You will now enjoy
features such as music, podcasts, music and other types of connectivity. It is
the iHeartRadio platform and a variety of other internet radio stations that
provide exclusive content. You can convert your vehicle to a mobile Hotspot.


Tire Valve stem caps

These caps are chrome
plated that will accentuate any wheel. They come in different colors such as
blue Laurel, black, or specialised AMG designs.


Ride Control Sport Suspension

The vehicle comes equipped
with a double wishbone that has aluminium arms and hub carriers. The shock
absorbers are controlled electronically along with a three stage adaptive
damping. Notably these are Sport, Sport+ and Comfort modes.


Braking System

The braking system is a
slotted, perforated and ventilated system through a 15.4 inch front disc with 6
piston calipers and composite rotors. The rear discs are also ventilated and
perforated and measure 14.2 inches along with a single piston floating


Antilock Braking System (ABS)

The ABS will sense any
locking up of the wheels especially under heavy braking situations that see the
front brakes being pumped individually or together with the rear brakes. This
system can start to pump the brakes as needed up to 30 times per second which
will preserve the steering ability of the driver.



Electronic Stability Program

This is a breakthrough in
safety that happened to be introduced by Mercedes Benz as it will monitor the
driving inputs and the motion of the vehicle to keep it in the direction it
should be moving. This is also very true in situations where the vehicle is
going around corners or when performing evasive maneuvers.


Brake Assist (BA)

This feature will sense an
emergency braking situation and this is done by the speed at which the driver
will apply the brake and then there will be a strong power boost. The braking
assist feature can be used to reduce the overall distance for stopping by
reducing any delay attributed to human error.


Attention Assist

This is another innovation
which is one of a kind. It will continue to monitor the different parts of the
driving and will be able to send alerts to note the driver if there are any
signs of distress.


Collision Prevention

This system is based on a
radar system that will alert the driver that they are approaching a vehicle or
even a stationary object when it detects that a collision is likely. It works
as soon as the driver starts to brake, it will apply the appropriate amount of
braking required to prevent any collision and any severity.


Restraint System

The Integrated Restraint
System is a highly advanced system that contains 8 airbags. This includes dual
front air bags, curtain type air bags which will serve as protection for the
head or dual knee air bag.


Seat Belts Technology

The seat belt technology
is based on the Emergency Tensioning Devices (ETD) and belt force limiters.
Though not highly popular, it is a very important safety purpose. If the
collision occurs and exceeds the established threshold, the Emergency
Tensioning Device will loosen the slack on the seat belts.


Occupant Classification System

This system will turn on
the passenger’s airbag automatically and adjust the inflation of the air bag
all depending on the weight category. This will be determined from the reading
of the weight sensors that are located in the passenger seat.


Smart Key

This key is one that
integrates the locks, the remote door, the removable valet key and a panic
alarm. The key can be used to just unlock the driver’s door and the fuel
fuller. You may also unlock both doors, the fuel filter and the decklid.


Locator Lighting

This feature is one that
allows the driver to have a return path illuminated. This is when the car is
remote unlocked in darkness and when the card is unlocked it activate and will
illuminate the entry system.   


Antitheft Alarm

The vehicles come with
standard alarm system that will arm automatically when the car is locked from
the outside. The horn will sound when it is activated and the exterior lights
that flash. The alarm can be sounded by pressing the panic button of the remote
when you are in range.


World Class Vehicles

When using a Mercedes
Benz, you can expect trained technicians who have the most up-to-date knowledge
of the products and the technology. The vehicle will only be operated on with
Genuine Mercedes Benz Parts that will designed to fit the vehicle perfectly.




Mercedes Benz Service

Mercedes Benz is a
superior vehicle and will remain this way no matter how much you have driven
it. There is an offer that is provided by Mercedes Benz for Service and Repair
that will assure you that you will receive service based around the latest
technology and the analysis from the Mercedes Benz trained technicians.


Collision Centers

When you have trusted your
repair work to a certified Collision Center, you can be assured with peace of
mind that your Mercedes will be leaving as close to pre-accident as possible.
Your vehicle will be restored by the persons who know it best.


Small Repairs

The owners of Mercedes
take pride in their design and the style of their vehicle. No matter how much
you take care of your car, there may be damage over time which cannot be
avoided. It can be a rock, a chip, spill or sharp object that can cause some
small damage.



The alloy rims that are on
the vehicle are readily noticed and unfortunately susceptible to damage. If
something happens that make your rims look less than spectacular, the Collision
Center will fix them at a fraction of the cost and have them looking new again.


Sticks or Stones

Stones and sticks can make
contact with the windshield which can create some implications or affect the
appearance if it is not remedied right away. The repair system is only intended
to correct minor problems that may be outside of the field of vision and is not
make to remedy things that have failed inspection programs.


New Vehicle Warranty

Every new Mercedes vehicle
is covered by a limited warranty. This will cover workmanship or material for 4
years of 50,000 miles whichever is achieved first. All that is required is to
bring the vehicle to an authorized dealer where the technicians will be
experienced on your vehicle.



The vehicles made by
Mercedes are authentic performance vehicles which give you an ultimate thirst
for speed. These cars have many performance enhancements where performance is
made king. The power and the handling of the cars are meant for the most
passionate drivers.


Never cut corners

The developers of Mercedes
have a passion for automotive engineering and passion for the performance never
cut corners. This is why Mercedes is one of the most sought after vehicles as
it is the product of craftsmen, designers and engineers who are highly skilled.


Team Effort

The vehicles of Mercedes
are built with high craftsmanship surrounding the notion of “One Man, One
Engine”. This would mean that when your purchase a Mercedes you will be
guaranteed to have an ever-advancing technological leadership for all the
latest advancements. The company have many weapons in their engineering


Power Delivery

With each new advancement
of the successive generation, the Mercedes have new approaches to produce more
power efficiently. The engineers from Mercedes will refine the transmissions so
that it will deliver power, speed and precision. There are other technologies
that are deployed to ensure that the vehicle will be up to the task.


Force of Four

There is a base technology
used by Mercedes that is referred to as 4MATIC technology.  This system is engineered to preserve the
signature feel that is known in these vehicles. The approaches in the
technological systems can see improvements in all areas of performance.


Natural Environment

Many of the Mercedes
vehicles are made to be at home on the race tracks. When these are driven the
driver will have their abilities pushed to the limit and may result in them
improving their capabilities and prove to you what Mercedes is made of.


Shape of Performance

There is something
exceptional about Mercedes designed vehicles, whether it is their sharp
profiles, wide arches or the road hugging body work. The cars are built with an
aggressive character and it is amazing to know that there is high performance
technology beneath the engine.


Crafting a Dream

The vehicles made by
Mercedes are considered to be a piece of art. They are all made from
performance relevant components that push the vehicle ahead in its class. There
are over 700+ employees that devote themselves to keeping the brand on the
forefront of development.


Private Lounge

There is an online
community called the Private Lounge which provides members with access to news
first, other inside information and a forum for detailed dialogue. There are
offers that are attractive such as invitations to first class events such as
race days or preview nights with VIP access.


Peace of Mind

The drivers of Mercedes
can be assured that even after a painstaking certification process and the
offer of 24 hour Roadside Assistance. For every pre-owned Mercedes, it will
come with industry coverage that will give unlimited mileage warranty for a
year that can be given an extension up to two additional years. Therefore, with
no bounds on the odometer you will still have confidence in your vehicle.



Warranty Checks

When your Mercedes comes
in to be checked, your fluid and oil levels will undergo inspections to ensure
you will get the required performance. The other areas such as the
transmission, engine and rear axle oil brake and clutch will be carefully


Engine Checks

When the vehicle comes in
for servicing, there will be a thorough Engine Component and System Condition
check. This is done thoroughly to be able to accurately verify that the engine
including filters, plugs, engine mounts and V-belts.


48.   Electrical Systems

systems on the vehicle that takes a charge including the fuses, headlamps,
radio and the heated seats will get checks and approved. All systems will be
given a pass to ensure that the vehicle is ready for the road and adheres to
all safety rules.


49.   Road Test

road test will be conducted directly from the driver’s seat. All the important
tests such as the instrument panels, the vibration and noise, various
operations to ensure they are all operational.


50.   Post Road Test

the car passes the road test, there will be additional checks for leaks and to
verify there are proper fluid levels in all areas. The inspection of the
climate control system will be continued after the initial test done during the
road test.
















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