Thegreatest part of the inner conflicts emerge from Winston’s miserable life,which is the foremost conflict in 1984. At the beginning of the book, Winstonhas begun to scrutinize the hopeless system of the government.

He began tocompose a journal wherever he wants to express his “unlawful thoughts” andhates about the Party, Big Brother, as he feels like he is the only one who hasthis rebellious feeling. Winston wishes so gravely to meet other individual hadthe same ideal as him and ought to find out more about what causes genuinesatisfaction. He has acknowledged the very fact that he had perpetrated thoughtcrime which death is ineluctable for him. He began to assume against the BigBrother, and his character gradually begins to battle the government.  It is more accurate to say that Winston is against the society itself. Hedoes not trust or confide anyone, and he think that anybody could be a spy or agovernment official.

It has turned into a culture where one either lives foroneself or for the system. After he meets Julia, the two couple involve a secret intimate relationship.They meet at places where they think telescreens and microphones are notlocated, and fall in love with one another and speaking ceaselessly aboutdefying the system.

He’s conflicted more frequently about his suspicion ofbeing discovered by the system than any time in his life. He’s conflicted aboutwhether or not to make himself referred to O’Brien as his concern of beinggotten fights with his want to be a member of the rebellious party. His initial conflicts ends as O’Brien approaches to Winston andintroduces each him and Julia into the Goldstein, the rebellious group,purposely and orchestrates Winston to get a duplicate of the Brotherhood’sproclamation to read for more information. The following day, the two couplewere surrounded by police while they are talking about their future, as theyhave joined the group. And this is where the climax came. Atlast, Winston is brainwashed into becoming tied up with whatever Big Brothercommands.

The torment strategies implied on him work as an external conflictthat stems off of his internal feelings of trepidation of losing his ownmindset, losing his adoration for his partner, and offering into his mostfears. He surrenders his privilege and freedom on account to the Big Brotherbecause of his dread and agony. 


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