The to document the experience and knowledge exposure

The purpose of
the Industrial Training is to provide an opportunity for students to learn,
discover about, and familiarise with the industry of their discipline, and with
organisations within the industry. Students will have better understanding of
business practices in general and sense of frequent and possible problems. Students
need to document the experience and knowledge exposure in the form of a report.
Through this report, the experience gain can be delivered to others. The
presentation of the practical experience can facilitate through a properly
prepared report in an orderly, precise & interesting manner.

I was undergoing industrial
training from 2rd October 2017 to 2nd January 2018 at Century Edge
Group Sdn. Bhd. which located at 9C, Persiaran Greentown 5,
Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak. During my internship period, I
work under business department as a trainee and my task is accordingly to my
industrial supervisor. Most of my task are related to business to business (B2B) telemarketing, financial services and
mortgage loan, so it is definitely a good chance to let me learning more about
business and experience new things. My supervisor, Mr. Yuen Chan How had guided
me all the way. He taught me everything related to the job aspects such as business
knowledge, marketing and
communication skills. During the training period, I got chance to take part in
business parts of jobs. Because of this, I have an opportunity to apply my Principles
of Marketing and Principles of Microeconomics knowledge while I was handling
the parts of the event. Every week of my training period, my industrial
supervisor gave me some task. Before that, my industrial supervisor will guide
me the way to do the task. Then, I will do it by myself the following task.
When I am facing some problem, I went for help from my industrial supervisor or
senior colleague. My industrial supervisor and senior colleague taught me with
patient and gained me a lot of new knowledge. I felt very happy during my
internship and truly gained a lot of new experience and knowledge and it could enhance
my views so that I can use it for future purpose.

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My visitation lecturer, Ms Ong Oi
Voon had come to visit me in my internship company on 16th of November. She
came to my internship company to observe my working environment, understands my
daily tasks and communicates with my supervisor to know about my working
performance. It took about 20 minutes to finish the whole discussion.


1.1  Company

Century Edge Group Sdn. Bhd.
(CEG) was established in Malaysia in 2010. CEG is involved in range of real
estate and property related businesses. It was began from property
investment advisory to property project development.

CEG main business is to provide
its clients with property investment solution advisory. Therefore, a one-stop
solution had been created by CEG which not only to offer individuals or
businesses on purchasing property and market but also to seek for professional
mortgage advice at the same time.

Besides that, CEG has strategically
built up a good affiliation with many well-known real estate agencies such as Miclebina
Properties Sdn. Bhd. and mortgage advisory agencies to provide reliable and
excellent services to its clients. From real estate to banking finance, and up
to risk management, CEG is always be prepared to address any problems within
its reach.

Apart from that, CEG offers
several business services which are able to help their property investor to create
the most value from property deals. For example, CenHouzz is a homestay
management company under CEG, which has the purpose of helping property
investors to create long term and great rental income by converting their property
assets into homestay under CenHouzz Management.

Lastly, CEG is engaged in
property construction, renovation and property project development. The mission
of CEG is to become the leading investment solution firm in property industry
by giving accurate, reliable and professional investment strategy and advices
to its clients.

CEG management team consist of
five equally hard directors. From left to right. They are: Mr. Nick Chuah, Mr.
Dawson Lam, Mr. Charles Yuen, Mr. Marcus Lai, and Mr. Ng Wai Min.