The to interact with other people. A famous

The process of communication is what allows us to
interact with other people. A famous Chinese proverb “it is better to have a
conversation with a wise man than a ten year of study” #communication. Efficient
communication in the workplace helps improve work productivity #productivity
#communicationskills. Healthy communication in the workplace also creates a
sense of job security and satisfaction in the minds of the employees
#jobsecurity #satisfaction. Unclouded and profound communication also enhances
and promotes friendship among the workforce #clear. Miscommunication leads to misunderstanding;
complete and comprehensible communication help prevent future problem which are
likely to arise because of miscommunication #miscommunication
#transparentcommunication less miscommunication may also make it a safe and
sound workplace which benefits both the employer and the employee. Prompt and influencing
communicating is very necessary in the workplace as it decreases the level of
stress which in turn leads to better productivity #productivity #influence.

Right communication during orientation is also
important of interns as it helps them in familiarizing and naturalising with
the workplace better #familiar. Body language is also important, if body language
and verbal communication are at odds then it can confuse and annoy, which may
lead to relationship breakdown and reduces productivity at work #bodylanguage #verbalcommunication.

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