The to the United States Constitution and consists

The Federalists Papers, written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, was created prior to the United States Constitution and consists of eighty five articles and essays. The purpose of the Federalist papers was to ratify the United States Constitution. Many of the colonies were skeptical of the United States Constitution, the Federalist Papers were to help persuade those colonies to accept the constitution. Some of the most important parts of the Federalist Papers include sections ten, one, nine, thirty nine, fifty one, and seventy eight. The Constitution had the problem of debates arising due to the people’s thought of the abolishment of a republican government. Essay ten addresses the issue of debates the constitution leading to an abolishment of a republican government. The anti federalists that believe this argue that it would be a violation of the rights of citizens. This essay is used to turn around the argument and point out that within a republic government it would mean that since majority is what rules, the needs of the minority would be sacrificed due to the personal needs of a majority. So even in a republican government there can be similar issues to those of a tyranny. To fix this issue, the people must come to create a republic that protects the rights of all people including the minority. The goal of this essay was to have people look at opposing side of the argument and realize the good that is coming out if this Constitution. Since the Constitution is not like something that has arised in the past, it was important to have the people understand what great opportunity this was. Essay one began with the explanation of the choices that the people of America have. The choice of which government the people wanted. This was a very important decision for multiple reasons. The ability of the people to choose government was not one that often appeared in history often. If the people fail to carefully make this decision, then the rare opportunity that has been given, will have been ruined. Also, the decision made would affect all mankind of the future. By being given this opportunity and by making the right decision, it would prove to the rest of the world what a group of people can accomplish with deliberation. The goal of essay one was to introduce the opportunity that had been given to the people and the weight and importance that the making of this decision held. The Constitution”s authors were influenced by the philosophy of Montesquieu. The Constitution discusses that the issues can be overcome do to the knowledge of previous mistakes that America will not repeat. Essay nine mentions this influence and how Montesquieu’s teachings do not have a direct intention to enlarging the orbit through federal arrangements. That Montesquieu’s distinctions are more subtle than accurate. It later mentions that the size of America’s states are much larger than the small republics that Montesquieu had in mind with his teachings. Essay nine also discussed the understandings that Montesquieu had of federalism. That federalism is a way to retrain smaller states independence, traditionally necessary for happiness of the people but at the same time combining these independances to provide resources of common goals. The main goal of the essay was to state that the people need a new understanding of the enlargement of the orbit. The Constitution has the problem of the people questioning if it is in favor of republicanism and federalism. document that has concern for all people not just specific groups. Essay thirty nine discusses, the importance to determining whether or not the Constitution can pass both the federalist, and republican tests, along with what questions to determine if the Constitution fits the certain standards. The author of this essay provides questions involved in the republican test and determines that the Constitution does in fact pass that test. The author goes on to discuss the details of the three parts to the federalist test. After discussing all parts and questions of this federalism test that the Constitution is a composition of both federalist and nationalism. This essay was end the debates on whether or not the Constitution was in favor of republicanism and federalism, by establishing that it is in favor of both by using tests to prove that idea. Essay fifty one discussed how the Constitution fixed the problem of a single branch of government accumulating power over the others. If any of the branches, legislative, judicial, or executive, obtained all political power, there was no way to stop that branch from acting with tyranny. So the checks and balances between the branches that were built into the Constitution are necessary to keep one branch from gaining power over the others. Also within this article an explanation of how human nature makes politics, especially with the challenging task of framing a government comprised of men. The goal of this essay was to prove to the people that the Constitution is something that will help society.The Constitution Proposes that with good behavior a judge shall hold office for life. Many people are sceptical of this, but in the federalist essay seventy eight, this is justified. The author begins to justify it by talking about how the judiciary system is not threat to society. The courts are to interpret laws and preventing the legislative branches from gaining more powers than originally given to them. It is also mentioned that the independence of the courts is necessary to protect the rights of individuals.The judicial system is there to protect the rights of citizens against anyone who is going against a person’s interests and rights. It is also discussed that in a free government there are many laws that take years to fully understand, so a life tenure is a good thing and would insure the protect of individual rights and judicial independence. The purpose of this essay is to analyze and justify the judiciary system under the Constitution.The essays mentioned are a few of the most important essays of the Federalist Papers. As a whole the Federalist Papers helped to promote as well as explain the purpose and meaning behind the Constitution. The Federalist Papers helped to end some disputes that had arose following the Constitution about what it exactly meant for the people of the United States. It gave the people a better understanding, and a new perspective, that helped to the acceptance of the the United States Constitution.