Thevictorious conduct of any research necessitates appropriate methodology withspecific operational steps and well-constructed tools.  The present study has the main objective ofstudying the attitude of Teacher educators in Tamil Nadu and the secondaryobjective of studying their teaching competence based on ICT skills. Investigationis the activity of solving problems which directs to novel understanding usingmethods of inquiry which are currently acknowledged as sufficient by researchers in thefield. Educational research, like any social science research, uses differentmethods for studying different kinds of educational phenomena.

A pre-plannedand well expressed methodology is indispensable for arriving at consistent andvalid findings. Mouly,(1970) says, ‘Methodology is a logic of scientific investigation’. The part ofmethodology is to carry out research work in a scientific and valid approach.Methodology deals with procedures and techniques for accomplishing a study. Itfacilitates to develop the effectiveness and validity of the research. Hughes,(2002) says, ‘Through research methods, a researcher endeavors to gainknowledge and understanding of the predicament and formulate concrete suggestionstowards its solution’.

Methodologyis typically a principle system for solving a problem, with explicit componentssuch as segments, tasks, methods, techniques and tools. When we look in to theresearch methodology, our vision not only focus the research methods but alsoconsider the reason after the methods we use in the perspective of our studyand elucidate why are we using a particular method or technique and why are wenot using others, so that research outcomes are capable of being appraisedeither by the researcher himself or by others. It designates the practical wayin which the complete research task has been organized. Thischapter deals with methods undertaken to attain the goals of the study. Itcomprises statement of the problem, the objectives, operational definitions,the hypotheses, the research design, the universe, population, sample andsampling technique, the research tool, description of the tools employed,method of data collection, analysis and interpretation of the data, statisticalsteps employed, limitations and delimitations.


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