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The Impracticality of Treating Women Poorly The novel, The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck, written to entertain, mentions an abundance of differences between Western society and Chinese society.  A significant difference is in how the women are treated: in Chinese culture the women are treated poorly and have no freedom, unlike Western society, where they are treated fairly. Women were not treated well in China.  As an example, “‘It is over once more.  It is only a slave this time- not worth mentioning,'” (Buck, 65).  This quote, which uses sensory language to appeal to sight and is the first real problem in the novel, shows that women and girls were referred to as slaves.  Though it might have been custom, calling females slaves shows how respect for women was not a common occurrence. Choices and freedom are two luxuries that women in China were deprived of.  An example of that is, “‘Because my mother binds a cloth about my feet every day and I cannot sleep at night,'” (Buck, 251).  This quote, containing sensory language to appeal to the reader’s sense of touch and being part of the falling action, explains how girls’ feet would be bound against their will.  Fathers usually chose their daughters’ husbands.  To illustrate, “‘Now we are friends, and have you no son for my second daughter?'” (Buck, 251).  This quote, also part of the falling action and appealing to the reader’s sense of hearing, hints to the fact that women could not choose their husband.  Daughters were, overall, controlled by their fathers, and then their husband when they became of age. These practices would be impractical in Western society.  For example, “‘Come out, my Lotus Flower, here is your house and here your lord,'” (Buck, 198).  This quote, part of the falling action and appealing to the reader’s sense of sight, explains the moment Wang Lung allows another woman apart from his family to move into his home.  In Western society, it is unusual to have two women in one home that are wives to the same man.  For this reason, it is impractical. In summary, women in China were treated unfairly, which is not how they are treated in modern Western society.  Impractical is an understatement when it comes to describing these customs in place in Chinese society.