The company’s 5-year marketing strategy indicates that nicely running price (OPEX) is growing, mainly for mature fields. it’s far predicted that a few mature fields will now not be financial to perform if those value continue to upward thrust. The raiseand properly servicing fees are key components of the properly OPEX price range. for the reason that ninety% of the agency’s well stock is finished with artificial carry device, new elevate technology with capability savings are wanted.The working agencies have usually been searching out alternative raise method to lift excessive extent wells at decreasevalue.

The Geared Centrifugal Pump (GCP) is a new high volume synthetic raise gadget that combines the rod string force of a progressive hollow space pump with a multi-level centrifugal pump of an ESP, via a down-hole velocity increasingtransmission. it’s far predicted that this new gadget will reduce fees related to nicely intervention as screw ups associated with the power string can be carried out via smaller properly carrier devices. further, electric and drivehead mechanical disasters may be rectified at floor at less value. furthermore, the GCP pump is cost effective device as it eliminates the luxurious motor, cable and surface controller. in this belief the GCP pump will deal with each the carry and servicing feechallenges when compared to other elevate systems.PDO expects to finish all six pilot GCP installations in of the north Oman fields before performance of the GCP devicecompared to the extensively used ESPs within the identical discipline.

 on the end of cease-2d qtr. 2013. The objectives of this pilot trial are to check the performance, reliability and operational the approx.

one-12 months trial period, the technical and industrial values will be quantified and accordingly affirm the viability of deploying the carry device further.This paper will discuss trial targets, deployment revel in, real time monitoring, troubleshooting & optimization. The paper may also spotlight the generation challenges; lessons learned and improvements which includes destiny deployment plans for PDO.


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