The coat of arms is one of the ways that are used to identify different types of families especially the British families. For example, The Alcorn Coat of Arm. The coat of arm interests people to study about it and learn more because it gives us the backgrounds on the different families and their culture and they way of their living, every symbol and color in the coat of arms has a definition and represent something about the family. Coat of Arms is a heraldic visual design on an escutcheon that is a shield which forms the main or focal element in an achievement of arms.Escutcheon shapes are derived from actual shields used by warrior, and have varied and developed by region and by era. Coats of arms came into general use by feudal lords and knights in battle in the 12th century, the main concept of coat of arms was to differentiate the families from each other. During War, the coat of arm would be the symbol that soldiers could use to know who they should fight and know who is their warrior. They women also played a main rule during the war, they used to join the men and go to war and give them a hand as well. By the 13th century, arms had spread way beyond their initial battlefield use and they became the flag signs of the families as well, the coat of arms symbols were also being used as a symbol on a flag to identify the family crest.  The modern warriors are now more advanced that the ones that existed in the times that were using the shields with their coat of arm and going to War. Now days we do not see the warriors of soldiers having the shields with their symbol (Coat Of Arms). The soldiers then were not advanced and they used Horses or they would walk to the battlefield and in the modern life now it is way different we have Cars and planes.  In early 12th century the warriors used to practice with swords and spend most of their time getting ready for the battles/war. They used to play fencing and archery to become more ready for their war. The sports for the warriors in the modern generation is very different and Fencing and Archery are not the sports that would be mostly practised.


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