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The WWE is home to some of the hottest Divas in the world who not only add the glamour quotient to the company, but are also excellent in ring performers who keep the WWE Universe on their toes. The company hand pick these Divas, grooms them and the Divas in return put in all the hard work to turn into great wrestlers. But, there are times when ego issues with the company or personal problems don’t let these gorgeous Divas carry on their WWE career for long.While some Divas are forced to retire due to injuries, others quit the WWE not liking their storyline and getting a better offer elsewhere. There are also a few of them who want to spend more time with their family and hence leave the company. Here is the list of the top 5 hottest WWE Divas who are no longer a part of the WWE:Trish StratusUnarguably, Trish Stratus is one of the hottest WWE Diva of all time if not the hottest. The former WWE Women’s Champion is now a part of WWE’s Hall of Fame and had an exceptional career with the WWE. She has been an inspiration for many present day Divas and the WWE Universe was shocked more than ever when this beautiful Diva suddenly the WWE. She later announced her retirement and her much hyped feud with Mickie James became her last major storyline in the WWE.Third party image reference2. MariaMaria has always been known for her hotness among all her fans and was famous for her on screen relationships in the WWE. She is the recipient of the Slammy Award for Diva of the Year. In 2010, she was in a relationship with Matt Hardy as per the storyline but what shocked the WWE Universe was when she was released from her contract by the company. The WWE lost a lot of glamour upon her departure. Although, she returned to the WWE in 2017, she is not performing in the ring and has again taken a break owing to her pregnancy.Third party image reference3. LitaHow can Lita not be a part of any hot list? She has been one of the most high flying WWE Divas of all time. Her hotness is uncomparable and she had a hot relationship with Edge and the rumours suggest that it was while she was still dating Matt Hardy. She suddenly announced her retirement in 2006 and has made sporadic appearances in the WWE since then. She ended her wrestling career and since 2017 has been a trainer and producer with the WWE. Her wrestling career with the WWE though has long been over.Third party image reference4. StacyShe is one of the most talked about WWE Divas of her time. She became a personal assistant of WWE’s Chairman, Vince Mcmahon in the storyline and had an on screen affair with him. Stacy was a part of a popular storyline when she started managing Scott Steiner instead of Test and the two superstars had a fight to retain Stacy’s services. The beautiful diva has been a part of a number of reality shows, movies, and suddenly ended her career with the WWE in 2006 to look for other endeavours.Third party image reference5. Torrie WilsonOne of the hottest WWE Divas of her time, Torrie Wilson is still fondly remembered by the WWE Universe. She almost had a decade long career with the WWE and then decided to leave the company in 2008. Her last major storyline was her on screen relation with Carlito. She initially took some time off undergoing physical therapy due to a back injury, but was later released from her contract by the WWE.Third party image referenceModern day WWE fans have missed watching these wonderful divas perform and those of that time, miss these divas immensely. Nevertheless, all of these divas have left a marked impression in the WWE History books and have not just some of the hottest WWE Divas of all time, but also the most talented ones. The WWE Universe hopes to see them return to the ring for one last memorable performance.