The Day Earth stood still was made in 1951 by Robert Wise.

The movie is about an alien who comes to earth to warn the human beings and tells them to leave their violent ways behind or get destroyed in order to save other planets. This movie talks about the hazard science can bring, this relates to the problem at that time, when both America and Russia had the hold of atomic weapons which led to a nuclear holocaust scare. This can also be seen in the scene when Klattu explains that his spaceship is powered by nuclear energy, Billy is shocked to find this out he tells Klattu that he thought nuclear energy was only used for making weapons. Klattu informs him that the nuclear energy has many uses for it.

This implies that nuclear energy in specific and science is not bad but only when the way they are used in a reckless manner. Also, science is shown as the only hope to save the humanity, as Klattu learns that the world leader won’t meet him, he tries a different approach to broadcast his message and asks Billy who is the greatest person in the country is, to Billy’s confusion he answers the smartest is professor Barnhardt. this implies that for Klattu greatness means a person who is scientifically great. he plans to meet the scientist and tell them why he is here. This shows that he favors science over politics because of the rationality, the scientist is shown as rational and impartial whereas politicians only care about their gain and interests. Scientists are presented as beyond the “petty-squabbles” that the politicians are into and they tell the truth of the universe, and because of that the scientists can solve  this problem with borders.The movie does not show America as a bad guy, the movie shows that America is not the one who is at fault for the conflict among the nations, as they try to organise other world leaders to come and hear what Klattu has to say, the diplomat who is in charge of organising the meeting is shown as truthful and profound.

He wants to help Klattu but due to the conflict of other nations, he fails to organise the meeting. The American president is even willing to set this meeting in Moscow but it’s the other countries who do not agree with that conditions.In the movie, the normal people are shown as the problem because they need powerful authority to subdue them, in the movie the people are displayed as vulnerable to the fear and anxiety, In the opening scene when the spaceship lands the civilians run in horror, but they later come back to the same place to look at it, subdued by the military, they again run away when the robot comes out.

Even Klattu knows this as he wants to communicate with the leaders of the nations to broadcast his message, this also implies that the normal people can not think for themselves without authority saying them what to do. Klattu informs that his message is too valuable to assign to any country or person. He rents a room to be close to people and understand them properly.  When he is found out by Billy and his mother Helen they think its Russian, Helen is the only person to sacrifice herself for the greater good as she does not go and tell the authority about Klattu.


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