The emergence of the educational system of the ancient Greek society and the information about children education can be obtained with the help of archaeological datas,ancient writers,and vase paintings.The education has not been institutionalized until the Hellenistic Period in ancient Greek society.Children But the families that wants to be a esteemed citizen of their children in society, they send their child to a private educational institution that includes reading, writing and sports training. In Greek society, it had been given attention to the male child to receive education.

The training of girls  and to come to an important status in society, is a relatively rare.The freeborn boys in Greek society were able to continue their the education according to the family earnings of the financial. The children were trained by “paidagogos” who slave is responsible for the child at home in preschool and accompanied with this slaves starts school they go to school. Greek Classical Period school has not already become an official institution yet and the families have not an obligation to send their children to like the schools. However, due to social pressure all the affluent families care about the education of their children because they want their children to be an an elite citizen. Thus they had been aimed to provide their children earn privileges in society. Ancient Greek educational institutions shows a similar structure at all of the Greek city-state (polis).

It is generally defined, children acquire the ability reading and writing and to express orally what they have learned in elementary school. The children’s education in the fine art is mainly music. In addition to these courses, children’s physical activity that takes place in “gymnasium” training (fitness,training) is located. In the first school, “grammatistes” who teaches literacy and “kitharistes”  (music teacher) that while the same person, but gymnasium physical education / training of palaestra had been given by another teacher is “paidotribes” (physical education teacher).

In the the later stages of the education, the boy can go to university like the Platon’s “akademia” which lectured by philosophers and rethorics, is usually the child of arictocratic families. In the same time the children’s schooling, they had been learned the career of their father and also develop in the professional direction. Academy, although on the basis of a philosophy school, it had been an instution that not only philosophy but mathematics, geometry and astronomy course of a given school. In termsof the process of the education system “akademia” it is recognized as the foundation of the university today.  


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