The who are close to him and who

The environment a child grows up in and things he sees around him always influence his early learning. It could be the ambiance at home, at school, in the neighborhood and any other areas where a child spends a considerable amount of time. One of the first and main environment, a child will experience is the one at home. Since his birth, the environment he sees and feels around him will shape his personality, influence his behavior and motivation to act. The environment can facilitate or discourage interactions with people. It will teach him how to interact with those who are close to him and who isn’t. A sentimental connect with people around during the early years help him feel confident and secure or timid and insecure.How Environment Effects?Besides the influence of physical environment a child experience, interactions with different people nurture his personality most. The mental capacity of a child must interact with the same in his early ages as someone older may not influence negatively but due to child’s mental capability, he may adopt it in a negative way. A child’s curious mind drags him to experience things before he is capable of it naturally thus his simplicity can be used against by any black sheep or himself as the company he keeps.Nature of the child and the environment he experiences are always sided by side in nourishing a child. It is believed that the company he keeps effects his future but that’s not the only thing that affects, even his siblings, parents, relatives and teachers effect but sadly for every failure, we blame only a bad company and ignore all the others.From History to the 20th century human minds have changed enough. Today a kid holds a smartphone that defines his smartness but here by age his simplicity, his curiousness, maturity, seniority, and awareness remains same. Before that, his environment was limited to the society he lives in but now he holds the whole world right inside a digital box, connected to the hidden faces, a limitless environment that can affect him. It can do both; flourish him or ruin him.A child’s Parents are a true lifeline to groom him. What he learns in his home is a shield protection to face the crueler environment. What parents teach in the house is how he will see outside.