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The Toronto Public Library, shortened as TPL, is the biggest and busiest urban public library of Canada. Are you a book worm living in Toronto? Or have you just migrated? Are you a student studying on an exchange or are you just someone who loves books? If you are one of any of these categories, visiting the Toronto Library is a must! And actually, a visit to this marvelous system of libraries is needed even if you aren’t a student or a geek, cause this article will tell you all the reasons why!What is Toronto Public Library?The Toronto Public Library, established in 2008, and having around 100 branches, has millions of users and thus also gets the title of the biggest neighborhood library system in the whole world. It has had the highest circulation of visits in North America and other regions when compared to other urban libraries so it is undoubtedly one of the best and the biggest.How big is the Library and what is so special about it? It has over 12 million items in its collection and has had over 18 million visits to all of its branches in total. Its collection is based upon numerous CDs, DVDs and e-books. Around 10.6 million library materials are estimated and circulation of digital content surpassed 5 million times. More than 962, 000 participants attended 40,000 library programs and over 1,50,000 people have registered library cards accounting to the numerous visits. Yep! That is how enormous the library and its systems are.How to get library card? How long is it valid for?If you want to register for a library card, you will need to go to a nearby branch with submission of current name and address identification. To be eligible for a card you need to be:         A resident of Toronto         Work, own a property or be studying in one of the city’s school or institutions.The card is valid for a year and will expire afterwards. You will need to visit a nearby branch to get it renewed. However, if you are living in a hostel or have a temporary address, you will be issued a 3-month library card that permits the borrowing of up to 5 items and provides access to computers. Identification is necessary in this case.Help for international student for their assignments and projects:There are countless items in the library that are in 40 different languages. This fact greatly impacts the life of students especially the ones studying on exchange or are from another country. Books in Canada are very expense and purchase of all course books and reference books proves to be difficult for the student studying there. The best option is the borrowing of books from the Toronto Public Library or studying by visiting the library. This will not only improve the studying patterns but will also save students from unnecessary expenditure of money on books that can be easily taken up from the library. The library also has numerous other services like library programs that will help international students to adapt better by learning from the library materials as well. It also provides a great atmosphere to study and focus while keeping distractions to a minimum.