Theme and casestudies: Nowadays, the number of consumers who use electronic commercefor online shopping is increasing rapidly (Trifts and Ha?ubl, 1999). Nevertheless, how does aesthetics of online shopping website affectpeople’s user experience?Krauss and Hoffmann (2004) statethat visual aesthetics manipulates apperceives of the viewer and causeeffective communication with them. Therefore, the aim of this essay is to findout the answer by comparing with two study cases.One study casewould be mentioned is Shoe Zoneonline store, which provide a bad example on interface of website, while End online clothing retailer presents a highquality of interactive design. From this study, it would be discussed what isthe difference between Shoe Zone and End online store on interface design, toexplore how can the system’s usability of ShoeZone website be improved.

    Literature review:                                                                                          It is necessaryto research how do other people discuss this topic, and how could theirperspectives support. There are a wide range of academic literatures has provedthat aesthetic have a great influence on credibility of website depend on theinterface design. Alsudani & Casey (2009) agree with this argument, andclaim that aesthetics is one of the factors affects credibility at user’s firstimpression, furthermore, there is a study have shown that views make judgmentson web site’s credibility in a very short time based on aesthetic appeal. Robins and Holmes (2008) have similar findingwith Alsudani & Casey (2009), theyindicate that the higher aesthetic interface is, the higher credibility have whenthe same content is demonstrated by using different levels of aesthetictreatment. Moreover, aesthetics is associated with the decision of views tostay or go.

According tothe Thorlacius (2007, p63)’ s statement, she deems that aesthetics play asignificant role in an incredible web design, since a successful design canattract target audience when browse the web site.Aesthetics notonly have an inseparable relationship with building user responses to websites,but also affects judgement of views to usability and credibility (David andGlore, 2010). However, Batiha,et al. (2006) points out that aesthetics does not barely means a plenty ofgraphics or photos displayed on screen, the most important thing is that it isthe approach to appeal the viewers’ sense and emotion. There isanother researcher found that aesthetic significantly affects perceived onlineservice quality as well as satisfaction of users. (Wang, at el. 2010) Design principles at a glance Almosthalf of consumers estimate the credibility of websites depend on how theinterface look like on thescreen from some points, such as layout, typography, font size, colour schemeand so on (Fogget al. 2003).

In order to that, Lidwell (2010) said that designprinciple is a method to help designers to enhance usability, influenceperception, increase appeal, and make a better design decision during projects.l   Consistency As is known to all, Consistency is anessential principle in design, it helps designers to make a successful designwork. Wilbert (2007) states that consistency plays a major objective in web pagedesign. However, some Web site designs more focus on graphics for establishingtheir own identities, so that ignore design standards and consistency.Therefore, it is necessary to pay particular attention on consistency.

 l   SimplicityThe majority of designerstend to apply simple and clear content into their design work, in order tobring a good impression for audience. According to Michailidou et al. (2008) suggestto use the ”less is more” notion in design, they found that the viewers prefersimple content websites rather than more complex ones. Another researcher Laja(2017) also claims that utilizing negative space to create a simple interfaceis an effect way to have a good communicate with viewers. Because enough whitespace can make a scientific and simple website, if a website page is full of text or graphics without enough space, leading to a busyand cluttered interface, in that way, it is difficult for users to read orappeal users to continue to the next page. A simple interface promotes elegance andsophistication, which could improve legibility of information.

l   HierarchyHierarchy is anessential element of design principles, a good organized hierarchy can make asuccessful website design. The best visual hierarchies have a clear, andobvious order to range the most important thing to observe first, while a weakhierarchy cannot organize information effectively causes users have no ideawhat to read next (Porter, 2010). Whether what kind of print and screen mediayou are doing, there are some contents, words and images need to arrange andorganize in a layout. Using the prioritization and organization of content to provideunequivocal message to viewers (Statelman, 2017), so that it is important tothink about what is the prioritizing content for users to notice on the screen.l   LayoutThis is nodenying that layout is indispensable part that need to be considered in thedesign process. Mottay (2001) alluded that layout could be affected by differentelements in usability, such as a particular color, graphics or textualorganization. Gird is a normal tool used for arranging the layout in designprocess, which cause a good looking website design.

Woods (2014) supports this,stating that grid based layouts organize content into columns and boxes, whichfeel balanced.


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