There research focuses on marketing area which hopefully

There are several research study on the quality of service and customer
satisfaction using the five dimensions of SERQUAL model. For examples, the
research of retail stores in India, groceries store in Sweden, Telecommunications
Company in Tanzania, travel agencies in Serbia, banking service in Jordan, and bus
service in Pakistan. Yet there are a limited number of research study on customer
satisfaction regarding the transit system in Thailand. This research may help the
company approach their customers and understand more about expectations of
users, perceptions of service, and attitudes toward services.

Assessing the level of service quality of BTS will serve as a significant source of
information for the company indicates how well their operation has been performed
in various aspects, this evaluation shows the gap between customers’ expectation
and perception of company’s service. It will reveal unseen dimension of company’s
service quality that might urge customers to discontinue using their service. This
study will demonstrate customer’s intention of switching to alternative
transportation in Thailand so that the company can solve those problems of
customers’ complaints in order to satisfy and delight their customers by improving
their service quality.

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Additionally, this study will provide some operational guideline to BTS in order
to develop and implement more effective service quality improvement initiatives.
It will help BTS to increase efficiency and effectiveness of their transit system by
pointing out some critical areas of their operation and providing improvement
strategy of service delivery. This strategy will play an important role in creating
customers’ value, gaining their trust, reaching their level of expectation, obtaining
their satisfaction and loyalty, importantly, building a healthy long-term relationship
with customers and achieving sustainable growth.

The study scope of the research focuses on marketing area which hopefully will
be useful for the researcher and readers. It will provide a better understanding of
service quality both in customers’ view and on selected company as ‘the service
provider’. The researcher expects that this research finding will motivate and
encourage further study on this area as well as other aspects about the relationship
between organization’s service quality and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the
information in this study will provide some advices for improving marketing
accomplishments and decision making in service development. As a Thai citizen



and a frequent user of The Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS), I hope this
research will have an impact on the development of the public transit system in
Thailand and BTS in the upcoming future. Also, it will help develop comprehension
in this theory and benefit other areas related to Thailand public transportation.