Therefore, Astrology is not based on controlled experiments

Therefore, the friend may conclude
that since they have the traits of their zodiac sign, astrology must be real.  Astrology is “the study of patterns and
relationships of planets in motion, our birth chart, synastry with others,
the make-up of elements and using that knowledge as a tool to find meaning”
(Hall, 2017).  Astrologers believe that
these patterns affect their character, as mentioned in the example of a
friend.  Little do astrologers know that
the characteristics of each zodiac sign and very vague, which could fit
anyone’s personality.  This is why
astrology seems real to some people.  It may
seem like it is real and/or scientific on the top layer; however, it is
not.  This is why astrology is an example
of pseudoscience, or fake science.

be considered scientific, it must contain all these components: consistent,
parsimonious, useful, empirically testable and falsifiable, based on
controlled, repeated experiments, correctable and dynamic, progressive, and
tentative (Cline, 2017).  Does astrology
line up with these components? 
Scientists say no.

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is not parsimonious because it “postulates unnecessary forces” (Cline, 2017).  Astrology cannot be proven to be true because
there is not a force that forms a connection between people and other bodies in
space.  Gravity and light are forces that
can be confirmed,

while astrology is a force that
cannot be confirmed.  Astrology is an
undiscovered and unproven force, so it is pseudoscientific.

astrology has no evidence.  “If a theory
is not based upon evidence and cannot be empirically verified, there is no way
to claim that it has any connection with reality” (Cline, 2017).  Since astrology refers to the supernatural
world, it cannot be proven upon scientific evidence that it is real.  There have been many years of research into
astrology and there is still not proof that is real.  This also proposes that astrology is not

is not based on controlled and repeatable experiments.  Astrology is not based on controlled experiments
because astrology is not possible due to theory and practice.  Also, astrology is not based on repeatable
experiments because the results are different after every experiment.  Astrology is not certain, which makes it

is not correctable.  Back when astrology
first started in the days of ancient Greece and Babylon, many planets were not
discovered.  Today, many more planets are
discovered and the characteristics of each zodiac sign has not changed.  If the planets have changed, shouldn’t the
zodiac sign characteristics change as well to line up? 

is not tentative because it lacks alternative explanations and the arguments
are unscientific.  The claims made in
astrology are narrow and lack back up explanations.  Scientific theories have many data and
explanations, while astrology has the opposite.

people need to really look into things and not just look at the top coat.  Pseudoscience is not hard to spot out if one
has the right mind, like astrology. 
Astrology cannot be proven or tested under the scientific method, which
makes it a part of pseudoscience.