This also need to pass time with family,

This summary explains the importance of have a right time for summer break, is a comparison ofDifferent opinions to get to the principal point, the right time, i have use different resources and asked to the own students.Sometimes the school can be lot stressful.affects the student’s physical and mental develop.Students also need to learn about their environment, they also need to contact with nature and family, but also it’s true that they need to be prepare for everything and for have a bed entry to the jobs, college, etc.The Students need summer break to relax from the pressure of school, but the fact of  too much stress can be exaggerated.They need to be prepared so we know that they are professionals.The universities will admire their develop in things and it will be easier.But the fact of explote them in learning is bad.Summer break is made for relaxing o of the pressure of school.They should have at least 4 months of summer break.They also need to pass time with family, learn about the parent’s job, etc.It is not a surprise the government to say people to be 24/7 in school.School hours are brutal, causes students to be lazy in doing something Beca they have a lot of homework.Schools are perfect with his duration.It must be from 7am to 12pm 5 hours are longer enough.4 months is too much cause people to get lazy and forget the studies. 2 months is long enough.The students need less stress after all they are only kids we no need them to be stress since now, also the summer can help them by learning about their parents and view new things, after all (again) they decide what they will be in the future and by learning about their parents.Kids are growing, duties are growing. The schools want them to be professionals so that is why are different levels of difficult at the same time they grow, so the college will be easier and prepare them for everything, after all they decide what they want to be after they make it good.What do 70% of teenagers do during break? Stay locked in their room doing whatever desires, it demonstrates that time is long enough because they get bored because the have done everything that they want to do in the summer and when that finish want they will do.The parents or themselves need to put hours to their entertainment and during the other’s hour they can convive with the nature and make little projects, with their mind in work to build projects it help them to enjoy, spent time, and develop their minds.Learning is important. Knowledge is what makes you stand out. Knowledge brings many fun opportunities in your lifetime. Less school = less learning = less knowledge = less future. You will probably forget what you’ve learned for the whole semester anyways.Parentsparents need to allow the entertainment for only 2 hours in the day or by long 4 hours, but sometimes the kid by(sometimes i mean great quantities) the kids put too much attention to the games etc, also if not the parents can introduce the kids into summer camp for they to socialize and have fun of healthy activities.Students should have longer summer vacation Because it will rest our minds & we would have a lot of family time because the parents in work don’t spend a lot of time with there kids, so they can decide their job,etc.The FactThethe fact of share with family and learn about your parents etc. But 2 are longer enough, also this time is made for students to enjoy and at the same time learn and to get good things for their mind, also they doesn’t do to many things in vacation the spent time on video games etc.