This is a layout called “F-layout” that depends on various eye-tracking. It’s a layout that feels comfortable for the target audience as they read top to bottom, left to right. F-design was found by general behaviour studies that visitors on a website stare at the top left of the page, then they scan the top of the site (navigation, search etc.), next they will move down and reading the next full row of content all the way to the sidebar. In contrast, viewer’s visual flow, effectively designed websites will work with a reader’s natural behaviour and the information will be presented in order of significance (left to right, and top to bottom) as Amazon is already using this principle ( ) to attract consumers to what Amazon wants them to engage with the target audience.UsabilityThis measures the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a software application. Usability is significance for Amazon to survive on the internet as if their website might be problematic to use for consumers as Amazon consumers might leave . Amazon website is easy learn, efficient to consumers and permits fast recovery from errors. On the contrary, Amazon layout for desktop is flexible and adjust automatically as the screen size is reduced. Furthermore, for mobile, Amazon have perfect version of their website with clean interface. Amazon target audience will benefits from usability such as they might appreciate interacting with Amazon website or product/service they offer. White Space White space is the space between the graphics, margins and columns that delivers visual for the target audience. Additionally, white space can be used to lead users from one element to another and provide information that users will appreciate. The significant of whitespace is that is easy for the eyes and make visitors want keep reading as its important to a great product to consumers. Amazon uses white space to increase content legibility as users on their website will see where they are going and be given a reason to continue reading. Additionally, whitespace permits Amazon to have a good impressive site such as good color schemes and great solid layouts as this adds a sense of elegance and superiority to Amazon website. Simplicity and ClarityThis is principle is very effective in web design as consumers love super clear design of the initial page. Clarity permits users of Amazon to understand what they’re trying to help them achieve. If a design have too much information, users will have problems navigating a website. Amazon helps the consumers understand their message trying to convey and the actions the user can take to make purchases. In addition, Amazon makes its consumers see how their product can help them achieve their goals as making the product simple for users to understand.  


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