This is still in its trial stage it


This article is about a new prototype
device, which recreates photosynthesis. It uses sunlight, water, and carbon
dioxide to produce Ethylene gas. The previous method uses pressure, at room
temperature, and weak chemicals to inefficiently produce Ethylene gas. Also
with increasing demand for Ethylene gas new methods such as this could prove
useful in the future. With this new device scientists believe it “could be
scaled up to provide a more eco friendly and sustainable alternative to the
current method of ethylene production” (Yeo, 2018).

Another positive is that since one of the
reactants is carbon dioxide it can be put into good use due to it being a
greenhouse gas. With a high demand for Ethylene gas and a device, which uses
carbon dioxide as a reactant we can eliminate some of the excess greenhouse
gas. Considering that this device is still in its trial stage it performs very
well. It is efficient and is environmentally friendly unlike the previous

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This article was interesting and had me
question its legitimacy at the begging. I mean a device that recreates
photosynthesis sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. As I read further I
read more promising information such as the scientist leading the research professor
Yeo and a quick search on Google showing his many achievements award and recent
research. In conclusion I was very fascinated with this article and hope to see
more information on the front of science  articles and journals in the future.