This many remedies available for aggrieved parts who

paper has mainly concentrated and focused on what remedies available under the
convention of international of Sale of Goods (CISG). In short under this
convention there are so many remedies available for aggrieved parts who seek
remedies when the other party either intentionally or negligently breaches fundamental
obligation of the contract. This question may happen to your mind that what is this
CISG? This is Vienna convention; it is treaty between so many states that agreed
themselves to form and to follow uniform international sales law1
Perhaps, this convention took place since 1880 and until now it has ratified by
89 states that they had seen that this is proportion and practicable for world
trade laws2 According
to world business man believing that this convention is one of successful
convention for international uniform law in the world especially on the issues
concerning international business. Unfortunately my country Tanzania is not a
party of this convention of international Sale of Goods (CISG) but I think we
are on the way to be among the contracting party list of this convention.

convention is very important and very successful hence it allow the parties to
avoid choice of law issues because this convention accepted substantive rule of
the contracting parties, accept courts and even arbitration unless otherwise excluded
by the express terms and condition of the contract3
this means that the domestic law may be applicable in transaction of goods
between parties from different contracting states.

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Vienna convention as unified sales law in the world even thought there are
others convention related to sale of goods where by states contracted each
other and obey on them but this convention is quite different, it success to
helps contracting nations being together by obeying rule and procedure of
(CISG) regardless of their different legal system. Nevertheless the drafter of
this convention tried the best to make the convention freely from any
interference to government, agency, institution, remedies, and concept or to
any other particular legal system or doctrine. Due to that situation it led
compromise to various approach tradition and doctrine. I insist that the whole
world now know that this convention has influenced the development of
international trade with preservation of and ensuring the protection of trader interest
right during the breaching of their contract.

1 Joseph
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2 Bruno
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3 See
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