This holiday season, we’re gifting our readers with 12 essential tech tips for any household. Day 2: Got your mom, sister, or relative an iPhone, iPad, or Mac for Christmas? Help set up and get them started with an Apple ID. One of the best moments of the holidays is that moment you see an Apple Product, whether it’s wrapped under the tree or the company’s yearly winter ads. There have been many occasions where I have given and also received an Apple product over the years and one the greatest moments is the setup process. The first time customization and setup of the device are one of the greatest moments you can have with the device.On the latest Apple products, one of the most important processes is the Apple ID setup, where you connect the device to either your iPad, iPhone or Apple Mac. With your Apple ID, you can gain access to the exclusive Apple features like the Apple store, iTunes, Icloud or Apple Music and some major backup options.

If you got your hands on one of the latest Apple products over the holidays, then follow the steps below to get your family started with Apple ID.What is an Apple ID?One of the biggest questions is what does the Apple ID do? It allows you have an online account where you can get software updates and services from Apple directly. You will use your credentials to download new content from the App store or iTunes. The credentials will also be needed to log into Apple’s iCloud service which can be used to sync and backup your data, email account and much more. If you have access to an Apple TV you can sync the ID up with the app to share content between your device and any other new device you have that is shared with the account.If you currently can’t access your iPhone you can just use your Apple ID at on any computer, tablet or phone by just accessing the browser. Using this site will give you access to your devices features such as mail, notes iWork documents, photos, Find my iPhone and much more.

Basically, your Apple ID is your wallet containing all the content from your Apple Device. It can allow you to stay in sync no matter where you are in the world. Before you start: What you needIf you want to sign up for a brand new Apple ID you will first need to have yourself an email address and password that you can remember. These are used when creating the Apple ID for your Apple Device. We recommend that you store the information you use for the Apple ID in a safe place which you can easily access if you need the information again. You will also need to have full access to the email address you use for signing up with your Apple ID.There are many occasions where users forget their email password or don’t have access to it, so make sure you do store the information in a safe place.

If you need to help someone set up their Apple ID, then unless you are near a device that remembers the details on, then you will need to make sure they know the email password for the creation of the Apple ID. This is because Apple will send a confirmation email, which you will need to access.   How to create a new Apple IDIf you have yourself a brand new Apple Device and require yourself an Apple ID then anyone over the age of 13, can easily get started. You can complete the Apple ID setup straight from your new iPhone or iPad. To do this just open up the settings app and tap on the Sign in option on your Apple iPhone. You will need to create an Apple ID by selecting the Create Apple ID option. As mentioned above in the article, you will need to check your emails to finish creating the Apple ID process. So before you begin just make sure you have full access.

If you’re a bit stuck and need some help on setting up your Apple ID for the first time, then click the guide below where we explain in full detail how to do this.How to create a new Apple IDHow to create a new Child Apple IDThere is an option for children to create their own Apple ID with having to go through the steps mentioned above on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This will be a child’s account not an Adults account and will require you to create an Apple ID using a specially-made email for just your child. By doing this option you can setup up parental controls that make it an easy process for monitoring what apps or games your child tries to download in the App store. You will also be able to monitor what movies, books, and music they are trying to buy. If you want to know more on how to create an Apple ID for your child, you can just use the simple guide below on how to move a child’s Apple ID to your Family Sharing plan.How to create and manage your Child’s Apple ID If you’re wanting a bit of protection on your child’s iPhone to stop them accessing things they shouldn’t then you can set up  Parental Controls that will help restrict the usability.

There are other ways to help keep your child safe from online, which is by signing up for a full monitoring service like Qustodio. This program helps track the websites, games and apps your child uses. There is even a feature that allows you to restrict the screen time, so they don’t spend too long on the device.How to add someone to your Family Sharing accountThe Apple Family sharing feature is designed to allow you to share your content with the people your trust. When you add someone to the Family sharing plan, you will enable them to download movies, ebooks, games, and apps that you purchased on another device. It means that any purchase you make with the family sharing account is charged straight to the family card, which makes it easier for the kids. The great thing about this feature is that it restricts your kids from making huge purchases.

It means that if they want to buy any movie or game they will have an Ask To Buy restriction enabled. This happens to anyone under the age of 18 and can be remotely used to allow or deny purchases being made. The Family sharing feature has other uses than sharing content. You can also easily track the location on your family with the Find My Friends app. You can even share the family calendar so your family can stay in sync with one another, every day of the week. When all your family is set up with an Apple ID, you will then be able to add them to the Family sharing account which has a maximum of six people. To do this just follow the guide below.

 How to set up Family SharingApple has included iCloud Family sharing to the shared account options which means you will need to pay a minimum of $2.99 a month for 200 GB of iCloud storage. This is actually the minimum for a family Sharing plan and depending on how much people use photos, documents and videos the feature can be used up rather quickly. It is definitely worth the purchase though since you can store all the device backups to the iCloud Store, helping keep all your family data safe if something were to happen.  How to add a family member to a shared iCloud Storage planHow to delete an Apple IDUnfortunately, this option isn’t easy and there is no simple way to delete your Apple ID 100%. There are occasions where users have called Apple support to ask a Senior Advisor to delete the account.

However, if this option doesn’t work then you can deactivate the Apple ID by deauthorizing it in the Apple store and iTunes. In addition to this, you will need to sign out of the Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad. Just follow the guide below and we will help you shut down your Apple ID.

 How to delete an Apple IDWe hope you have found this information useful on our second day of our Twelve Days of Tech Tips, iMore readers!. If you are enjoying the series but still feel a bit unsure on creating and managing your Apple ID just let us know by commenting and we will help you out.


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