This your right eye”. The artwork / photography

This work of art has been preserved at the Irving art center. I saw him on November 4, 2017. The name of the work was “I see you with your right eye”. The artwork / photography was created by the artist Jenna Lynch. The work shows that two women face each other on the train and talk to each other. The face of women can not be seen and, according to the distribution of the dress, the women to whom the photographer concentrates seem to be Muslim.As soon as I saw the art, nothing came to my mind, except that the woman comes from the Muslim community. While she had her burqa on her head, she covers all parts of her face, excluding her eyes. It is shown in the size of 20×20 and is an art photograph. Instead of other people and things, the photographer had focused only on the Muslim woman who is clearly visible from the image. According to my knowledge in the photographs, the artist or photographer used the effects of Portrait of the camera. The reason for this was that, since everything that was seen in the background, this lady was seen as blurred. The photograph clearly shows that there are at least 2 women talking, but focused only on the one with the burka. His transmission position was that he had one leg on top of the other.The woman the photographer is trying to focus on is wearing a blue jacket. He had a blue burka on his head and a black skirt as long as his leg. He wore black casual shoes. You can not see anything except hands and eyes from the parts of your body or your skin. Photography tries to describe the culture of the Muslim community. They say that “men and women are equal”, but the photographer wants to deny the fact that they still do not receive the same treatment; through his image. Even today in the Muslim community women are treated unequally. They can not talk, walk, etc. to men in society, even today. They need to cover their body party every day and during the day. The photographer disagrees with the fact that women continue to not receive the correct treatment. Through this image he wanted to convey the message to all the people that every woman in this society is the same, will always be the same and, for the most part, should be treated in the same way, which is necessary in every way.The next art I saw was hung on the wall inside the Irving Arts Center. The name of the work of art was “Pieces, petals, leaves and eaves”. As soon as I saw the work of art, something came to my mind. The work of art was of the house, it was more than a house, but like a large villa. It looked like a dream home. Surrounded by trees on each side of the house. Above the house looked like a fallen leaf of the tree that added more beauty to the appearance of the house.The name of the artist was Anna Chupa. Also, the illustration size was 46.55 inches. The color of the house seemed to be white, but the ceilings had colors of 3 or 4 different colors. The fallen leaves had changed the appearance of the roof that came to add more beauty to the house. There seemed to be a couple of houses built together next to each other because they looked like one, but a big house. The roof was blue, red and half of the roof could not be seen because the leaves of the fallen trees had covered the roof.The house was as beautiful as one of the houses that most people have ever seen. The house has changed my impression that people can be laborious and have patience so that one day they can offer them the home of their dreams. There is no double opinion that the work gave me patience and tried to make me work hard. Looking like art, I even wanted to have such a house, because of which art forced me to work hard and keep my patience.