Through this motivational letter, I would like to put forward my candidacy for enrollment in this program. Brought up during the 90’s in Moscow, when this technology was at its very early stage, I have been a tech-savvy and applied sciences enthusiast since childhood, in primary school. I was strongly influenced by a school that embraced the use of technology inside and outside the classroom, using an American education approach and language. Being surrounded by different cultures and languages, strongly impacted my personal and professional life, as later on I studied in Greece. Moreover I worked and lived both in Sweden and Brazil.As a result of my passion for technology, 2015 was the year I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Telecommunications from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. It is the only Greek university department, which according to the 2010 annual evaluation  of the Academic Ranking of World Universities, ranked in the top 100 departments worldwide. Throughout my studies I have built a significant foundation of programming and scientific knowledge. Furthermore I developed the ability to research new concepts in the Information Technology field and how these concepts can be applied to real world examples and projects.As an undergraduate student I have been involved in various university projects and used C, HTML, Java and many other programming languages; in fact, all of these assignments influenced the choice of my thesis project. With our paper,  my colleague and I, aimed in bringing sensing capabilities of smartphone devices to IoT architectures. Our goal was to provide a reusable set of functionalities, which would enable Android platform sensor access and the collection of a wide range of data. By implementing this mobile sensing framework we helped in facilitating the interface between the IoT system, the user application and device hardware drivers.I was ranked eighth, out of forty students that graduated in 2015, and got a scholarship for outstanding GPA score in 2010.While a university student, I was a part of Glovo (Ethelon) team, a Volunteer network, which have placed more than 10.000 students in events and projects. As a part of this team, I participated in various technology related events such as TEDx and Startup Weekend University startup contest, where our innovative idea won best pitch award in 2013. I enjoyed  working with demanding events’ organization, that proved myself as a good team player, able to successfully collaborate with others.I am seeking a career with an international dimension, that gives me an opportunity to work for a multinational organization. So that after working for several years and thinking about my career aspirations in more detail, I decided with a great desire to complete my studies by having a Master’s degree from an international university outside of Greece.My family resides in Sweden and after visiting them multiple times, I realized that I wanted to work in such a developed country due to the widespread technological opportunities which suits both my personality and work. When I realized that Sweden was the right country for me, I started researching the different universities.The University of {Lund} caught my attention due to the coupling of my area of work and the chosen Master’s program. I also recognize that {Lund} ranked among the world’s top 100 universities with extensive research in various fields. I visited {Lund} during my stay in Malmo, as part of my road trip in Sweden. I was pleasantly surprised with the international environment of the university. The facilities in {Lund} are excellent and the one of a kind old university library is magnificent. I believe all that, enables students to remain motivated. Also, it is amazing the opportunity to be active in students’ social clubs, in order to get a closer look at the Swedish culture.{I visited KTH during one of my stays in Stockholm and I was again pleasantly surprised with the university environment . The facilities in KTH Central Campus and the main library are excellent and I believe that enables students to remain motivated.}Therefore, I am very interested in educating myself furthermore  and becoming a professional that comprehends systems together with B2B clients’ needs and their interaction. Considering my work experience, I can be a great value to the class, bringing real world examples of how information systems are structured, being able to relate better to what I learn, and also carry over skills such as working in teams and meeting deadlines. I am confident that my studies, experience and other qualifications, combined with my motivation, creativity and tenacity, will guarantee my progress at {KTH} and I believe, I will be an asset for the {School of Industrial Management and Innovation}.I am interested in research especially in the fields of Product Management, Management of Information Systems, and IT Project Management. Since September 2017, my company provided me with a great opportunity to enroll for Digital Product Management MicroMasters program provided by Boston University. “Product Management with Lean, Agile and System Design Thinking”, as an example of a course that focuses on business model analysis and constructing a product/platform strategy. It helped me Illustrating why offering a well designed system is necessary and how it can be articulated through a roadmap.”Project Management” semester course at my University, alongside with some business case assignments made me grasp how analysis, planning, design and evaluation of a project are important in the project success.”Human-Computer Interaction” concerns how people, both as individuals and as groups, use and are affected by computer and communication systems. This course focus is intended to create value for customers, which is the main goal in Information Systems’ design. I believe that it is more than important to gain knowledge and perspective how to build products that work more efficiently and as a result sell effectively.


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