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Throughout our years we’ve created shows and movies that reflect real problems with society, but now we are ruining society with them. Generations ago we created movies and TV as a way to teach children and way to give people joy. We used it as a way to become close with our families and as a way to get away from our lives. Once the movie started we were sucked into a world full of drama and suspense: some out of this world, some that made us look at the world differently. Now we only make movies and TV shows to make a profit, ruining our own classics in the process. We reboot and re-use, creating terrible sequels to classics that defined a nation, and helped shape our childhoods.In 1977 a movie that shocked the nation was released. A movie that had shaped a generation. That movie was none other than Star Wars, a movie that never disappointed its audience. It was a movie that filled the world with joy. We connected with the characters and the story line. However now we don’t have that. Why do we not have that? Society started to create movies not for the story, but for the profit. It’s not like movies weren’t meant to make it money in the first place; they just shouldn’t be forced for profit. The new Star Wars movie had the opportunity to be grand, but instead it felt awkward and forced. The reason was because the movie had a forced and confusing storyline that was pandering to a society centered on political correctness. The movies are being forced to lose their charm so that they do not offend anyone. However, back in the day, the hilarious jokes that were used would offend everyone, so when they go to create a new version its jokes do not have the charm that made it so magical.Star Wars isn’t the only thing to get a terrible remake. The classic movie Ghostbusters was also remade but with an all-female cast. Although the movie itself wasn’t completely terrible, the public disliked the fact that a beloved classic was being ruined. The whole movie was filled with awkward dialogue and jokes that made the movie subpar. The movie was rated 52% on Rotten Tomatoes and its rating rings true since, as one reviewer says, “it can’t help but pale somewhat in comparison with the classic original.” This true fact left fans disappointed and it threatened to ruin the dynamic of the beloved Ghostbusters. It’s not just movies that were given terrible reboots but also TV shows. The cartoon show Teen Titans was given a reboot in 2013, named Teen Titans Go. It, however, is filled with unfunny jokes and childish antics. Still, that is to be expected as it is a kids’ show, but wasn’t the original as well? The original Teen Titans portrayed serious issues and taught children ways to deal with life. It had the same storyline as Teen Titans Go but approached it in a mature and entertaining way. The new show teaches kids nothing and is instead filled with immature and weird jokes. This is because society has stopped caring about what we are exposed to. It’s no longer about stories and teaching us about life. Now it is just about making money off of us. That’s why our beloved shows, and movies are being changed for the worst solely for the purpose of making a profit not for the purpose of entertaining the masses. They are taking the names and reputations of classics and tarnishing them for another dollar.