Throughout love. Daisy was ultimately the sole motivation

Throughout the book, Scott Fitzgerald exploits how money can not build friendship nor fosters love, thus not being able to experience happiness. Gatsby essentially changed his whole life, so he could make money and be one amongst Daisy’s social class. Jay Gatsby was originally names James Gatz and came from a low-class family as he is the son of an impoverished farmer. When he was young and fell in love with Daisy, he felt he had to become socially superior in order to acquire her love. Daisy was ultimately the sole motivation to achieve the American Dream. His affiliation with Wolfsheim and illegal acts were not because of his obsession with money, but rather his obsession to claim the one he loves. He uses his extravagant parties, as a way to display his expensive lifestyle for Daisy to notice him. He ultimately fails because of her selfishness and her indecisiveness which is distinctly evident when she is unable to select one individual to live with for the remainder of her life, and finds it unreasonable that one would expect her to choose between them. It was evident that Daisy was interested in Gatsby’s wealth, not a lasting relationship with him,  as she even failed to pay her respects at his funeral following his death. Regardless of her prospective relationship with Tom, she should have attended Gatsby’s funeral. This goes to show despite all his efforts to flaunt all his luxury and wealth, he wasn’t able to acquire to devotion and true love he desired. Gatsby’s hard work collapsed, as he became a victim of the corrupt American society, succumbed to the impractical and unachievable American Dream. The American dream is the idea that anyone has the potential to live a happy, successful life, if they worked hard. He escaped from poverty, acquired a lot money and still was unable to obtain happiness. The prevalent commercialism existing in American society present an obstacle to obtaining the idealized American Dream, and although Gatsby was able to overcome such limitations, he did not get it all. Therefore we learned that the American dream isn’t always the ideal way to pursue happiness. As money can’t buy happiness, love nor friends.