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            1st A gold rash happens when lots of people race off to where gold rash has just been discovered. They all expect to find gold and get rich. The first gold rush in North Carolina   1799. It begin when a twelve-year-old boy found a seventeen-pound gold nugget in a creek. His family didn’t know the nugget was gold, so they used it as a doorstop. Then, in 1802, they sold it for $3.50. They didn’t know it was worth far more over $350.00 in today’s dollars. For fifty years, North Carolina produced more gold than any other state. There was another gold rash in the Appalachina Mountains of Georgia thirty years later. The estimated amount of gold it produced every month in 1830 would be worth $14 million today. But the most famous one is the gold rush of 1849.  The biggest nugget found weight 195 pounds as much as a grown man weighs. In 1849 the majority of people in the United States lived east of the Mississippi River. The states with the most people were New York, Rennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia. After gold was discovered people headed west hoping to get rich. The rumor was that gold was easy to find in California but it might not last forever. Men left their jobs and families in a hurry. These gold-hunters were called prospectors. They had other nicknames such as ”forty-niners.” They were also called Argonauts, after a group of treasure seekers in a Greek myth. It is a long trip. Most went overland by covered wagon or took ships from the East Coast that eventually wound up in California. Some walked, with only a wheelbarrow or bag to carry their stuff. Hundreds of thousands of Americans and foreigners caught gold fever. People went half crazy over the idea of making a fortune. Some did get rich. Some got very rich. But most didn’t. Still it was an exciting time. And it started by accident.  


            2nd A gold rash has started at California in the United States January in 1848. A settler found money with the size at a river . This fact was concealed at first, but news was spread in all over the world in the  next year, and the people who dream of making a fortunate at a stroke pressed against California where anarchy was same then. This historic, to care why a famous Gold Rush occurred seems to be a stupid thing. When saying ” The manking kept having the desire without the facts of which they get tired to Ogon in spite of all ages and countries. If water from river was just filtered, and they got money. It was natural for many people to rush. It was up to that but actually. 1848 Gold Rush had the time background which gives rise to a boom.

Major Events

            3rd News of Marshall’s discovery brought thousands of immigrants to California from elsewhere in the United States and from other countries. The large Influx of ”49ers,” as the gold prospectors were known ,cause California’s population increase dramatically. San Francisco , for example , the population grow from 1000 in 1848 to over 20,000 by 1850. California’s overall population growth was so swift that it was incorporate into the union as the 31st state in 1850 which just two years after the United States  had acquired it from Mexico under the Treaty which ended three war.  One of the migrations stimulated by the discovery of gold was the internal westward movement of Americans from the eastern states who hoped to make fortunes in California.  


Interesting Fact

            4th The name of California was tied up with a gold rush forever and tied to something called ”California dream”. California was recognized as the place where a new things starts, and I could thing it was big wealth and was returning when there were a thing done strenuously and luck.

 Influence on Life Today

            5th With amazing speed, the gold rush sent settlers westward. When James Marshall first found gold at the lumber mill, only about 30,000 people lived in California. Twelve years later, the population had swelled to 380,000. All those people needed to eat. Farms and ranches sprang up all around California. Gold made California important to the United states. Only about thirty months after the Mexican-American War ended, California became a state. This happened for sooner than it might have without the gold rush. Because of the gold rush, people came to California from all over the world. They added to the culture of the United States and played an important part in great events . For instance, Chinese workers helped built the transcontinental railroad of 1869. It went from Nebraska to California. After it opened, the trip west only took one week. Thousands of westbound gold-seekers passed through Missouri. There saw slave auctions for the first time. It turned many against the idea of slavery. The gold rush was a disaster for Native Americans. In 1848, there were 150,000 Native Americans in California. Twelve years later, there were only 30,000. Some had been murdered or had died from hunger or disease. Native Americans had lived on the land first. But because of westward expansion, they lost their way of life. The two men who would started it all were ruined by the gold rush. James Marshall managed to get by doing odd jobs. He also would sign autographs as souvenirs. He died in a small, poor cabin. John Sutter lost much of his fortune. There would be other gold rushes in America. They would happen in other states such as Arizona and Montana. And in other places like Australia, South Africa, Wales, and Scotland. But the California gold rush was one-of- a-kind. It didn’t just change California. It changed the United States forever. Now the country reached from the Atlantic to the Pacific.    Conclusion

            6th The gold rush had lasted less than five years. Most prospectors who came never got rich. But they had seen amazing sights and been part of a great adventure. They would never forget the good, bad, thrilling days of the California gold rush. 



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