To recent day, there has not been a successful alliance uniting most of the worlds greatest military powers through political bonds, and these bonds are more powerful than a treat of an atomic bomb. NATO has be the most successful alliance in keeping global peace. Created on 4 April 1949 at the signing of the Washington Treaty, several nations were joined under one consensus based organization. NATO was designed to strengthen the overall defence of North Atlantic countries, as the Treaty was signed during the Cold War, to better protect themselves from nuclear attacks. Since that moment in time NATO has adapted to become politically defencive as well, protecting the actions of their allies before wars even start.  A peaceful, political approach to disagreements does not put soldier’s lives on the line, and remaining neutral would keep Canada ultimately out of harm’s way, being a part of NATO has had a positive effect on Canada. Canada has gained more independence as a direct result of joining NATO, and this is one of the reasons why Canada has earned the title international peacekeepers. NATO has been a positive involvement for Canada because; Canada was part of an effort to protect nations in need, Canada was unharmed during the Cold War, and Canada now is known as safe place to live in.Canada has helped NATO protect countries in times of need, both preventing wars and having boots on the ground. NATO nations are commonly found serving in the frontlines of any battles, like in the Afghanistan war. Canada served the shattered remains of Germany after the second world war, by prevention the spread of communist governing systems throughout the NATO control sections of Germany. The Cold War was on the break, and their former allies, the Soviet Union were now turned upon them as their foe.  The Soviet Union had asserted its dominance over most of Eastern Europe and had plans for taking over Western Europe. Canada was there to ensure that communist governments were appearing in Germany.  The goal of NATO is to safeguard and protect the freedom of its peoples. Canada is linked to countries in Europe through NATO and is able to better assist its allies in times of need. NATO is prepared for all kinds of attacks, political and military, and has action plans to prevent harm to come to its countries. NATO vast Network of security is what allows Canada to keep peace as an attack on one country is an attack on all countries. If Canada had not been there to protect others we may be living in a differently governed world today. Any political ties to Europe are well stretched out because of distance between the two continents, but through NATO, Canada has better bonds with these countries. The action plans NATO has in place will aid Canada in times of need, which is a valuable asset to have, but the use for them may never actually happen because of NATO’s protection.The effect of having a powerful country, is that it needs to be defended from attacks. Many of NATO’s members are these types of countries, so NATO serves the purpose of their defence. Canada being a part of NATO has helped them gain this powerful collective defence. During the Cold War the Soviet Union had placed nuclear munitions in Cuba where Canada was in range of missiles, but the missiles were never used. The Soviet Union wanted to have the indefinite expansion of its power and doctrines, and Canada was a stone’s throw away from the Eastern edge of Russia. Being united with several of the world’s largest powers prevented them from attacking Canada, so along with them being able to help defend they also weren’t considered a threat. The saying, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” applies well in this case. Being allied with the world’s strongest powers, for one, will be of great assistance when needed but it will also prevent them from being Canada’s enemies limiting the number of potential attacks. These bonds with Europe managed to keep Canada unscathed in the Cold War, and it should then protect Canada in the same way in the future.What makes a country great is its people, and how safe they are. When there has not been a war in one’s country for over a century,  the country gains the status of safe. NATO has been crucial in the success of maintaining the status in Canada. Refugees from humanitarian crises seek refuge in Canada quite frequently. Between 1956 and 1957 over thirty-seven thousand Hungarian citizens immigrated to Canada. The flexibility of NATO allows Canada to adapt to situations that rise up without breaking rules to better defend itself. Many European countries were active war zones, or were war zones after the events of world war II and during the Cold War, but Canada was not one. Refugees often seek refuge in Canada is well known as a peaceful country, which NATO has helped served in the keeping of this reputation. Canada’s adaptability is existant to the “loosely” worded Articles in NATO’s treaty, which allows the rules to be slightly bent if necessary. Canada has not be the site of war in recent times all thanks to NATO’s peace measures.Overall, being a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has positively affected Canada. NATO has provided a service to Canada that no other organization has to date. NATO has provided Canada, a chance to assist others, a well founded defence against threats, and has been and will continue to be a safe home for those who call themselves Canadian. NATO, the alliance that was thought to be destined to fail, continues to serve the innocent people that fall under its duty to protect. Without the protection of NATO the world would be a much different place than it is today, perhaps under the rule of a communist government. A world without NATO could have been a scary place to raise a family, but with NATO this thought will not cross the minds of a good portion of the world’s population.


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