To begin with, Aviation facilities needs security and safety. Essentially,safety be able to define as circumstance, state or condition in which a individualfeel safe from harm and injury whereas security can be labelled as technique oract taken to guarantee the protection of a being. This regulation is permanentas specified as in Annex 17 which is Security: International Civil AviationOrganization (ICAO) against Acts of Unlawful Interference where can be bestexplained as the annex sets out the basis for ICAO civil aviation securityprogrammed and seeks to safeguard civil aviation and its facilities againstacts of unlawful interference and to prevent and contain all acts of unlawfulinterference against civil aviation throughout the world.             Safety and security isneeded in aviation world in each department section is to dodge lawbreaking fromhappening in airport where a thousand of public went into. Moreover, to avoiddiscolour the great name of aviation industry, they need to prevent threats.

This is because airport where tangled with main treats such as hijacking, the organizationdoes not want to lose their profit. Types of profit that aviation industry canlose are customers do not want to travel abroad because they afraid ofhijacking and smuggling cases that usually happen in some European countries,high in maintenance of aircraft that has been hijacked or being accidents.Then, smooth the airport system which can meet requirement from ICAO forproviding safety so that passengers will feel comfortable and secure.             There are a lot of importance whenimplement the Annex 17 inside the aviation industry. Such the importance arethe annex can completely provide protection towards the civil aviation forexample like hijacking either aircraft or it can be an airport. Then, annex isa basis of aviation safety program such as all safety and security aspects areamended inside the law and regulation under the ICAO. Therefore, these annexcontain all the acts of unlawful interferences for example smuggling,terrorism, bird strikes, and etc.

Besides that, why ICAO establishes Annex 1 –18, this is probably because they wanted to give standard guidance to allaviation industries as procedures. This is 


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