Transparency matters to your employer brand. The reputation of your organizations as an employer is your employer brand. The difference between an empty nest and a flow of talented candidate depends on how strong your employer brand is. Top-tier candidates, no matter which post they’re looking to fill, want a clear understanding of your business. Needless to say, there are many competitive job options out there for them to pick from. It’s the transparency of your employer brand that will influence their decision. When choosing their future employers, talented job seekers are now exercising greater discretion. The information age has not only helped consumers researching products before purchase but also candidates applying for jobs. The best workers won’t accept a job at face value. Now that claims can be verified immediately on social networks, employer value proposition can no longer be exaggerated by organizations on their websites, during interviews, or at presentations. In today’s highly competitive market for talent, transparency is a powerful recruiting weapon. The external propagation of information and data has made transparency and an integral aspect of talent hunt. Brands like Google and Microsoft, who have a strong history of openness, are benefiting greatly in their recruiting pursuits. The power of social media advertising Thanks to the proliferation of social media and review sites, organizations are now under serious pressure to pay more attention to how they treat candidates throughout the entire lifecycle of the recruitment process and beyond. Trustworthiness is a major factor for most potential candidates. Before they apply, they want real-world previews of the nature of the job. It has never been easier for candidates to run thorough background checks on companies. From talking to former employees on social media, like LinkedIn; or reading online employer reviews on Glassdoor; they make informed decisions. Recruiters cannot afford to shut themselves from the current trends—brochures and trade fairs are no longer enough to build your employer brand. They need to understand that the world is changing; only those that can improve and adapt will survive. If you aren’t using the internet to embrace employer brand transparency, you are fighting an uphill battle. At the click of a button, any information becomes available to prospective candidates. Although talent acquisition metrics are focused on as a measure of success, another equally important metric is the number of high potential candidates who declined (or didn’t apply) to job offers because of unflattering online reviews. It displays the positives of your company culture A clear and honest outlook is an important tool when it comes to recruiting candidates for your organization. Job seekers want to have an idea of the culture—the day-to-life that encompasses the organization. They are not just solely in interested in knowing their roles at your company. Before they make any decisions about employment, a transparent employer brand is transparent will give them an in-depth idea of what the company is really like. A large percentage of job seekers, for instance, use Glassdoor to check out potential employers and find out more about the true nature of the company. Take advantage of this opportunity to lift the veil a bit. By allowing potential candidates to see that you value transparency within the workplace, your chances of recruiting success increases. Social media platforms might be playing a major part of your recruiting too; however, it’s time to take it up a notch by showing off your company culture on these platforms. A little bit of culture flaunting gives candidates a more casual introspect into what a nine-to-five would look and feel like in your workplace. Nevertheless, transparency should be a continuous thing, even from when the onboarding of fresh hires begins. On that note, it is very imperative that company goals are understood by your new hire and also aligned with their desired workplace culture.


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