Autonomous error and distraction which is a major

Autonomous vehicles are vehicles that are able to guide themselves without the need of human conduction. Autonomous cars use various kinds of technologies: they can be built with GPS sensing knowledge, may use sensors and other equipment to avoid collisions, and have the ability to use a range of technology known as augmented reality to display information to drivers ( Autonomous vehicles are useful for many reasons first they eliminate human error and distraction which is a major cause of current vehicle accidents. Also, instead of having to focus on driving passengers can now spend their commute time on work […]

Applied Research Methods

Name: Lecturer:Course:Date: Applied Research Methods Question One Mail out survey and phone survey are two efficient ways of executing the purpose of this study. However, it is necessary to carry out a comparative analysis regarding their performance qualities and establish which among the two is most suitable. In this regard, conducting a mail out survey allows ease of developing a mail list through respondent addresses. It is also time efficient since the respondents answer the questions with no pressure involved and do so at their own convenience. Moreover, its quality of structured questions allows proper and efficient arrangement of issues […] available in our homes can provide us do the senses (touch, hearing, taste, sight, smell) and other aspects can affect or prevent our sleep?While sleeping, you may believe that you become numb to the outside world but that’s not true. Many aspects outside the mind can disturb or comfort the person and can use this to make better use of the time that we have to sleep so that we can get the most out of the night.The Senses:Touch, hearing, taste, sight and smell are the five senses that were taught to us at the very beginning. So I had wondered whether the senses can still […]

Cell and out of the cell. · It

Cell structure and its components   Cell: Human body is made up of several small units called cells.  The cell is a basic structural and functional unit of all living organisms. The cell was discovered by the scientist Robert Hooke. The name was taken from the Latin;’cellula’ means “a small chamber”. Classification of cells: The cells of plants and animals are not similar. Bacteria and some algae are made up of single cell. They lack membrane –bound organelles. Type of cells: 1. Prokaryotic cell. 2. Eukaryotic cell. Prokaryotic cell: A cell that does not contain membrane-bound organelles and a well […]

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