Tuberculosis your lungs. In addition, Uganda ranked 20th

Tuberculosis has been studied since 1800s and
had been a major cause of death in fact there were 1.7 million cases of
TB-related death worldwide. In 2006, there have been 10.4 million people reported
with TB around the world. Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria that mainly
affects your lungs. TB arises year 1985 on the same year when HIV virus emerges
that causes AIDS. This virus makes the individual weak in his/her immune system
making it easily to acquire diseases. That is why people with HIV/AIDS have the
elevated risk to have Tuberculosis. TB does not only affect the lungs but also
the other part of your body like your brain, spine and kidneys. TB is a kind of
a contagious disease and it can be able to pass to another person through air.
Also, people who live in a crowded place with poor ventilation have the higher
risk to have Tuberculosis since it attacks your lungs.

In addition, Uganda ranked 20th in the world
with the highest number of TB cases. There are 41,831 cases that has been
reported in the years 2001 which increases from the previous report years 1991
with 19,016. The increase is made possible by the growing population in the
country.  Even children are affected with
this epidemic disease for there are new TB cases of children registered about
4000 in the year 2001. The epidemic worsens because of the growing cases of
HIV/AIDS also in the country. Besides, New York city also become the center of
Tuberculosis of the century. There are 222 cases per 100,000 persons and for 15
years the cases tripled.  In longitudinal
analysis TB incidence increased from 20.3 to 46.5 per 100,000.

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Furthermore, Philippines is a developing
country where TB is also a big problem that they are combating. The TB took
place on Philippines year 1981-1983 and until now it is still one of the health
problem that they are taking actions of. In the study conducted in the country
there are 21,960 people who test and 12, 850 0f them were positive of having
Tuberculosis. Also, according to their study that men are more prone to this
decease that females. In the parameter of the study shows that there are
200,000 – 500,000 people who are affected in 70 million population in the
Philippines. As a result, the Philippines were ranked 22 countries in the world
with the most number of TB cases which also worries the World Health
Organization. Due to this the DOH in the Philippines acted to lessen the
reported incidence and as a result in the recent reported cure rates from 60% –
80% reported in World Health Organization (WHO).

study was conducted because tuberculosis is palpably rampant in the current
Philippine context where the Department of Health made a lot of programs to
prevent and avoid tuberculosis. However, the treatment of the disease is not
the only problem. Since Tuberculosis is a contagious disease such
discrimination and discrimination emerged. This study could help millions of
people who are suffering in tuberculosis and currently suffering from
interpersonal communication barriers. We embarked this study to have knowledge
and understand the current state of tuberculosis and the interaction of the
infected person to the society.

In conducting the study, the researcher aims
to determine the number of the Tuberculosis cases reported in the year 2016, as
well as to identify the existence of stigmatization and discrimination that
comes along with this contagious disease. By the end of this study the
researchers will be able to find the desired data that will answer all the
questions asked and to comply the desired objectives.