Two-time Olympian, the most decorated gymnast in America, member of 2012 Fierce Five and 2016 Final Five. Most known for her exceptional routine on the floor in London 2012 earning a 15.600 in the final round. Then, coming back 4 years later stronger than ever and competing and earning a silver in the same event, behind Simone Biles. She inspires many girls in the world to never give up. Her name is Alexandra Raisman.EARLY LIFEIt all started soon after she started to walk. Her mother Lynn put Aly in a mommy and me class thinking maybe one day Aly would like to take after her and do Gymnastics. Lynn grew up loving Gymnasts and went as far as to compete at a college level. Aly soon started to get more consistent with gymnastics at the age of four. She went to weekly classes and spent the time talking to all the girls instead of doing gymnastics. When Aly turned five she started to get more serious about gymnastics and asked her mother and Father if she could compete in competitions. Aly was devastated when her parents told her they didn’t have the money at the moment. She soon found out that the reason her mother didn’t want to put her in competitive gymnastics was that there would be a new addition to their family that only consisted of Herself, Her Mother, Father, and her brother Brett. Her parents had to fly out to pick up their newborn sister who they were adopting. When Aly turned six she was on Excel Gym’s pre-team, which was a level down from the elite team. It took Aly a long time to learn skills, she was often behind other pre-team members. She connected with other members of the pre-team but soon they would move up to an elite team and Aly would be left behind. Aly than heard about Brestyans gym house. When she told some of her gym friends she might go there they had different opinions and told Aly that they worked too hard and the girls often came home hurt. Aly had mixed thoughts about going to Brestyan’s but went with her gut feeling, After Aly started at Brestyan’s she learned it was nothing like people had told her. It was a facility for gymnastics who wanted to go to the Olympics and that’s exactly where Aly wanted to go. While this was happening Aly started attending a public school and often got mocked for having big muscles in her arms but that didn’t stop Aly from doing gymnastics. When Aly turned 10 years old she took her training even farther and started to train with Silvie and Mihai Brestyan who unlike most gym’s saw a star, When Aly was around 14 years old she started to compete at an elite level. ROAD TO LONDONIn 2010 Aly started attending camps at the Karolyi Ranch. The camps were for gymnasts who had a dream to compete in the Olympics, Aly was shocked when Marta Karolyi (The USA Olympic team coordinator) accepted her into their camp. Aly begun training at the Karolyi camp once a month for a week, she met many girls who had the same dream as Aly. To become an Olympian. Camp at the Karolyi ranch was rough and she often felt herself feeling overwhelmed but she wouldn’t let Marta see her weakness or she might not pick Aly for London 2012. In 2011 Aly quickly became a competitor she was a part of a silver-winning team at the world championships that year. Then she went on to win three bronze medals in the Visa National Championships. Aly worked hard to stay in school and still train for the Olympics. She attended Needham High School in 2011 and then went on to do online school in 2012, the year of the 2012 London Olympics. Though Aly barely even had time to be with her family she found a way to go to her Senior Prom and Graduation.”The gymnastics definitely takes a priority, but she’s good with still trying to keep in touch with friends and having a little bit of normalcy,” Her mother, Lynn Raisman, Told ESPN. Even after all the fun, she had she still went back to business the next day. A couple weeks after she had to leave to go compete at the Olympic Trials which would determine if she competed for the USA in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. In the beam event, Aly received the second highest score, but that still didn’t assure her a spot on the team. When the competition ended all the girls went to a room where Marta would announce the girls who would represent the USA. “I was scared I held the girl’s hand beside of me even though I barely knew her!” She says in her autobiography Fierce: How competing for myself changed everything. Marta announced the girls, “Makayla, Kyla, Jordyn, Gabby, and Aly.” Aly had made it. Her dream ever since she watched Magnificent Seven when she was young. She was going to win her team gold. The first days of the competition were rough for Aly, in the end, her team ended up winning gold for the team round. Aly went into the final round and won gold on floor. “It was like a dream but when I pinched myself I didn’t wake up, It was real life…” She said in her book.


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