Utilising job analysis provides HR mangers with specific qualifications that help ensure the best-suited applicant is selection for the required position, this is vital as research indicated that half of hiring and HR managers estimate that bad hires have cost their companies thousands of investment (Fatemi, 2017). In regards to this HR manager must know what skills are required to perform the job successfully, without HR manager knowing exactly what is required, the wrong applicant could easily get the job.The classic trio of recruitment methods used by most companies are an application form, one or two interviews and references. Research indicated that to this present day when one looks at most companies recruitment and selection methods the classic trio can be seen in their selection methods (Al-Kassem, 2017).With this said other researcher on classic trio concluded that this is no longer an appropriate method process to employ talent when other methods are available (Davis, 2017).An interview can be best describe as a formal meeting in which an applicant is asked questions to determine their suitability for a particular job they applied for (KAHN and BARBER, 1988). Interviewing candidates cannot be a reliable source as the interviewer is there to measure the human characteristics of the potential candidate, with this said each interviewer might interpret the information obtained in their own way.

With this said research claims that 94 out of 1000, interviews respond honestly in conventional interviews (Armstrong, 2006). Roberts (2005) states that, there are two types of methods an organisation could utilised: a structured form, this focus’ on clearly defined questions or using an unstructured form, which is effectively a chat or discussion, which could lead anywhere. With this said validity, studies such as those quoted by Taylor produce equally dubious figures for conventional interviews and indicates that assessment centres, psychometric tests and structured interviews are more accurate methods for recruitment selection (Armstrong, 2006).

Even with interviews having it drawback its is still the most popular method used by companies (Marie Ryan and Derous, 2016).An application is a form or paper, which indicates interest in a particular place of employment or position within a company. It consist of question the organisations needs to be answered to ensure they make a judgment on applicants. The drawback of this is that organisations can be often seen to use the same application form for numerous different positions available rather than creating an application form, which the questions will critically evaluate the skills, competencies and knowledge required for the available position. One can think once recruitment staff goes through applicant applications it will be easy to categorise them into two; the good and the bad, however this is not the case as an advertised job could prompt hundreds of applicants applying with different broad answers which they have no way of categorising (Parkhouse, 1984).On the other hand, a CV is a short account of a potential employee career and qualifications prepared typically by an applicant for a job advertised. CVs can be ineffective due to the freedom it gives the applicant to promote themselves, thereby some people could then highlight all their strengths and thus saying very little about their weakness.

By promoting their strength a person could can employed but have very little to offer the organisation (Jenkins, 1983). Further certain organisation prefer to use this method as it demonstrates the ability of the applicant to martial their thoughts and put together a clear piece of communication” (Roberts, 2005, p. 103). In regards to this Taylor disputes that this is not the best practise, as it enables applicants to contaminate their C.

V.Assessment centres are used for accessing aptitude and performance; applied to a group of participants, the organisation then uses the information obtained to assesses applicant abilities or development potential (Psychometric-success.com, 2017). According to Lievens (2009), assessment centres are more successful than other recruitment and selection methods as they focus on the candidate’s actual behaviour. Lievens (2009) insists that candidates should be evaluated, by trained assessors as this enables the like hood of success. With this said Woodruffe (1993) disagrees with Lievens as Woodruffe points out that human bias or human unconsciousness is a potential flaw in assessment centres.

in supporting this language could be a barrier to certain applicant moving to the next stage. On the other hand, a recent survey roughly states that 86% of companies are using some form of pre-employment testing (Comparebusinessproducts.com, 2017).Work samples can be defined as an actually task that is related to a job an applicant applied, the employers uses work samples to test the potential employees ability in performing a job.Work samples can be seen as an opportunity for a potential employees to demonstrate their skills level in a specific task. Research have stated that sample testing can fall into two different categories motor and verbal testing (ASHER and SCIARRINO, 1974).

“Verbal” testing can be describe as asking a potential employee to explain what they would do if a problem occur during their shift. While “motor” refers to taking the potential employee to their work place and asking them to carry out a task, which is related to their job. Work samples are powerful and dangerous at the same time (Brandenburg, 2017), but with this said it vital methods when predicting future job performance and it can also be said to be one of the fairest recruitment and selection methods as its gives all potential employees an  equal opportunity to impress (Callinan and Robertson, 2000).

Likewise, work samples in industries such as production lines can lack effectiveness, as potential employees might get bored due to the repetitiveness sample testing, thereby losing concentration (Reynolds, 2011). Moreover, work samples can be an advantage for applicants as it enables them to assess the position they are applying for, thereby giving them a good indication whether the position will suit them.


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